Good News to Manisa, Water Held in Ahmetli Butterfly Dam

Water Retained in Manisaya Mujde Butterfly Dam
Water Held in Manisa Müjde Butterfly Dam

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry works with all its might to promote modern irrigation in agriculture, to provide the highest benefit from agricultural lands through consolidation works, to deliver healthy and drinkable water to taps, and to protect settlements and agricultural lands against flood risks. It also protects every drop of water with its management approach.


The Ahmetli Butterfly Dam, which the grape producers of Manisa awaited impatiently, retained water. good news giver General Director of DSI Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCAannounced that the works on the dam, which will give life water to 24.040 decares of land, have been completed by 99%.

22 million 920 thousand m of Ahmetli Butterfly Dam3 Noting that it is one of the largest dams in the region with its storage volume,General Director of DSI Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCA” The body of the Butterfly Dam, which is 62 meters high from the foundation, was built in SBS (Cylinder Compacted Concrete) type. We reached a physical realization rate of 99% in the project and kept water. We will also complete our valve room mechanical manufacturing in a few months.”


Stating that they aim to contribute to the economy of the country and the region by bringing the water that will accumulate in Ahmetli Kelebek Dam together with the vineyards without wasting time, General Director of DSI Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCAHe also said that the works on the irrigation project of the dam continue uninterruptedly.

General Director of DSI Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCA,” We are building a regulator on Koca Stream, about 10 km downstream from the dam body. We will divert the water we will leave from the butterfly dam in that regulator and distribute it to the fields with a closed pipe system. So far, we have laid 1100 km of 3 km of GRP pipes with a diameter of 2,9 mm, and 110 km of 560 km of HDPE pipes with a diameter of 22 mm and 5 mm. Our goal is to complete the construction of the irrigation network of 10.000 decares of land by the end of the year.”


Ahmetli district center and Gökkaya, Alahidir, Akçapınar and Yeniköy neighborhoods will benefit from the project. With the decrease in irrigation costs, product diversity in the region and yield per decare will increase. Producer from Manisa produces approximately 2022 million liras more per year with the figures of 50. kazanwill ache. In addition, thanks to the project, additional employment opportunities will be provided to 1200 people.

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