End-to-end Innovation in Electric Vehicle Battery Assembly Process

End-to-end Innovation in Electric Vehicle Battery Assembly Process
End-to-end Innovation in Electric Vehicle Battery Assembly Process

Intelligent and sustainable “electric vehicle battery assembly processes”, redesigned by Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik, one of the pioneers of new generation production, offer innovative, efficient and safe solutions to the problems faced by automotive manufacturers.

Manufacturers in the automotive industry; In response to climate change, market demand and regulations, it moved towards all-electric powertrains. While all of the first vehicles were powered by internal combustion engines, today the concept of electric vehicles (EV) has become a cycle. Since the heart of an electric vehicle is the battery, the “battery assembly process” has a strong influence on the safety, performance and durability of the vehicle produced.

Throughout the battery assembly process, Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik's solutions also make a real difference, helping customers meet their efficiency goals. The steps of the high-efficiency battery assembly process include tightening, special riveting systems, bonding with chemical adhesive, visual inspection with a camera, and bonding by drilling holes. Continuing sustainability efforts throughout the entire production, on the other hand, reduce weight and material waste, and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Saying that the rapid increase in electric vehicle demands has confronted vehicle manufacturers with a series of new battery assembly challenges, Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik Turkey Automotive Division Manager Hüseyin Çelik said, “As Atlas Copco, we understand the problems automotive manufacturers are facing during this transition period. Thanks to the development studies we have been carrying out in the automotive industry for a long time, we offer high-tech solutions to automotive production companies. We are bringing assembly processes into the digital age by combining all our experience with our innovative vision to produce new technological tools.” said.

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