Educational Kits Prepared for Special Students Studying at Home Launched

Educational Kits Prepared for Home Education Private Students are on the Road
Educational Kits Prepared for Special Students Studying at Home Launched

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer bid farewell to the trucks carrying the educational kits prepared for special students studying at home. Speaking at the EVKİT Distribution Ceremony held at Elmadağ Hasanoğlan Course Equipment Production Center, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that the preparations for the 2022-2023 academic year continue very intensively and reminded that they sent off materials produced to increase access to pre-school education from here last week.

Noting that the academic year began on September 12, 2022, Özer noted that the summer period passed with intense preparations so that students, teachers and school administrators could continue their education in more prosperous environments, and said, “Our friends could not take a vacation. They made great sacrifices. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to both them and their families for their sacrifices.” he said.

Stating that as of last week, free textbooks and auxiliary resources have been delivered to all schools within the scope of steps centered on equality of opportunity in education, Minister Özer said, "As our President had previously announced, 130 million auxiliary resources were printed for the first time and delivered to all our schools and all our classrooms." said.

Supplementary resources will be included in textbooks in the next academic year.

Emphasizing that with the devoted work of the Ministry of National Education personnel, the problem of auxiliary resources was resolved in one year, Minister Özer said that the number of books to be distributed only to 12th grade students is 20. Özer gave the message that they will continue to solve chronic problems slowly and peacefully. Minister Özer said, “Hopefully, we will review the textbooks in the next academic year and we will manage the process with a single book so that the prepared auxiliary resources are also included in the textbooks.” said.

A total of 3,1 billion lira budget was sent to schools for the preparations for the new academic year.

Referring to the steps they have taken regarding the budget problem that has been going on for many years, Özer said, “We also solved the problem of not sending a budget to schools in this period. Just as budgets are sent to all schools in secondary education, we also sent their budgets to all our schools in basic education -from kindergarten to primary and secondary school in Turkey. What budget did we send? All of the cleaning materials, stationery, minor repairs, laboratory and equipment needs were sent. 3,1 billion liras… It has been sent to all our schools in Turkey, and only half of it has been used by our schools yet.” used his statements.

Noting that they started preparations very early for the need for personnel, which is one of the biggest needs of schools, Özer said that 60 thousand cleaning personnel will start working as of Monday, as President Erdoğan announced.

He noted that the preparations for the new academic year have been completed, and that approximately 198 schools, including 450 schools within the scope of demolition, have been strengthened against earthquakes and overhauled.

Noting that 1407 independent kindergartens and 11 kindergartens have been completed in the new academic year, Minister Özer said: “The Ministry of National Education continues to work day and night. The reason why we are gathered here today is those who need special education but cannot continue their education in mainstreaming, integration or special education kindergartens, practice schools, vocational schools; We came together today to bring together the educational materials that will help our teachers in their education processes to those houses we send to our children who need home care due to their ongoing illness, so that they do not break away from education. All these steps actually have one focus. Equality of opportunity in education… If you put equality of opportunity in education at the center of all education policies in order to increase the quality of your human capital, which is your most permanent capital, then, as the famous French sociologist Pierre Bordeous said, education ceases to be an instrument that ensures the continuity of classes. You will build a prosperous society where classes are skipped from vertical movements and the worker is not a worker, and the child of the worker is an engineer, district governor, governor. In this context, we do not neglect our special education children.”

Referring to the efforts made to ensure that special education students have access to education, Minister Özer said, “Our priority right now is mainstreaming students, this is for our children to take part in educational environments with their peers. If this is not possible, our students with special education need receive education in special education kindergartens, practice schools, vocational schools, and if this is not possible, in special education classes within existing schools, if this is not possible, our students with special education need receive service at the hospital, if this is not possible, at home 453 thousand 29. Finland, which has been exemplary for years The number of students in all education levels in Turkey is around 600 thousand. This shows how strong Turkey is. With its nearly 19 million students and 1.2 million devoted teachers, it continues to increase the good examples that inspire other countries to increase the human capital of this country day by day.” said.

Stating that the last twenty years passed in history as a period when anti-democratic practices in education were abolished and all kinds of sacrifices were made to increase human quality, Özer said, “The Ministry of National Education is not Turkey's sample, it is Turkey's universe… A member of the Ministry of National Education, its student, We do not have a home without a teacher or a manager. Therefore, in order for this country to be much more prosperous and to progress on the path of a strong Turkey, the most important thing we should focus on is education. Strengthening quality education and equal opportunity in education. For this reason, our Ministry will continue to work with the happiness of being a part of the story that has taken place to make this country much stronger by being aware of the weight of the burden on its shoulders and by facing hardships day and night, as in the past, in this focus.” made its assessment.

Minister Özer thanked everyone who contributed to the preparation of home kits for special students.

“The most valuable asset of our education system is our teachers”

After the program, Minister Özer made the following statement on a journalist's question: “Our teachers are the most valuable asset of our education system. As the Ministry of National Education, we do not distinguish between our teachers in the state and our teachers in private education institutions. We are working day and night to ensure that each of them can train in much better environments to improve their working conditions. We strongly oppose any manipulation of the two eminent professional groups, the teacher and the police, that is, to pit teachers and police against each other.”

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