Bottom Mud Cleaning Continues in Van Lake

Bottom Mud Cleaning Continues in Van Golunde
Bottom Mud Cleaning Continues in Van Lake

Van Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to clean the slime and bottom mud, which it started in order to purify the Van Lake from pollution, without slowing down.

In order to save the world's largest soda lake and Turkey's largest lake, Lake Van, from pollution and leave it to future generations in a cleaner way, the work of cleaning the slime and bottom mud started by the Van Metropolitan Municipality continues.

In the cleaning work, which has been carried out meticulously for months under the coordination of the Environmental Protection and Control Department, approximately 400 thousand cubic meters of slime and bottom mud have been cleaned so far.

The bottom mud cleaning carried out with dozens of trucks and excavators on the 13.9 kilometer coastline of the lake continues at full speed.

The bottom mud cleaning, which was started in Van Lake in September 2021, is carried out with 27 construction machines and 40 personnel.

The teams continue their work intensively to finish the bottom mud cleaning as soon as possible.

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