Bektaş Efendi Tomb, Restoration Completed, Opened to Visitors in Nevşehir

Bektas Efendi Tomb, Restoration Completed, Opened to Visit in Nevsehir
Bektaş Efendi Tomb, Restoration Completed, Opened to Visitors in Nevşehir

Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy attended the opening ceremony of the Bektaş Efendi Tomb, whose restoration was completed, as part of the commemoration events held for the 751st anniversary of the death of Hacı Bektaş Veli. Ersoy, who toured the tomb, received information from the authorities about the works.

Ersoy told reporters that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been hosting commemoration events for Hacı Bektaş Veli since 2020, and that they are carrying out restoration work in the needed areas in the district.

Stating that 1,1 million liras were spent for the maintenance and repair works of Bektaş Efendi Tomb, Ersoy said:

“Last year, the Kadıncık Mother House was opened to visitors after its restoration, maintenance and repair. This year, the maintenance, repair and restoration works of Bektaş Efendi Tomb have been completed. We open to visitors. This is a very old building. He had deep-rooted problems. In particular, there was the problem of humidity. Drains have been completely renewed. A new drainage area was opened around the garden. By removing the entire floor of the building, the effects that cause humidity were eliminated. After the repair was made, plaster and pencil workmanship were performed again. As of today, it is opened to visitors in accordance with the original. Next year, we will meet the needs for the maintenance and repair of Atatürk House and we will start working.”

Minister Ersoy then toured the Hacı Bektaş Veli Complex.

Studies in the tomb

Maintenance, repair and restoration works were started on July 1603, 5 at the Bektaş Efendi Tomb, which was built from cut stone in the Seljuk architectural style in 2021, located near the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Hacı Bektaş Veli Museum.

Within the scope of the work, the damaged joints of the exterior of the tomb were repaired, and the entire exterior was cleaned with the sandblasting technique. The windows of the building, which has a drainage system to surround it, were changed, and the doors were repaired. The poured plasters on the inner walls of the tomb were completely removed and the walls were restored to their original texture, and hand-drawn works were decorated on the cured plasters.

In order to solve the humidity problem, the wooden device, which is the floor covering of the tomb, was removed and the earth filling in the intense moisture was cleaned. While the stones of the tomb structure were arranged, the tomb was surrounded by stone pavement. The stones of the dervish tombs outside the tomb and the stone fountain in the garden were renewed.

Within the scope of the renovation, the electrical installation was renewed and the security camera system was installed.

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