Are You Planning To Attend A Trade Fair Abroad?

You Are Making a Plan to Attend a Trade Fair Abroad
You Are Making My Plan to Attend a Trade Fair Abroad

Planning to attend a trade fair abroad? – You should pay attention to these points! If a trade fair in America is already a logistics masterpiece, depending on its size, when planning your exhibition stand You should pay much more attention to this. In addition to known barriers to overcome, there may be special regulations or laws abroad that you and your company must comply with. Long shipping routes and shipping by ship or air freight must be precisely coordinated. It is very important that you pay attention to customs formalities, shipping times and shipping costs! Exhibition stand construction abroad can mean a significant amount of additional work for you and your department. However, if you follow a few basic rules for exhibition construction abroad and pay attention to the process and processing at the planning stage, nothing can stand in the way of your company's successful appearance abroad!

Planning is everything!

Even attending a trade show in America takes a lot of planning. However, there are several considerations that determine whether you can attend as an exhibitor and to what extent you can successfully book your appearance abroad.

  • Consider making flight and hotel reservations on time.
  • Do I need to apply for a visa to attend the fair?
  • Are vaccines necessary?
  • Is there an access restriction in Corona days?
  • Are existing test certificates required?
  • When at the latest do you need to send the material and products?
  • How to declare the shipped goods at customs?
  • Where do you get the shipping documents you need?
  • What cultural differences should you consider?

Booking flights, hotels and transportation in advance

You know from experience: During a big trade fair, all the hotels in the vicinity are fully booked. In addition, overnight accommodation prices increase significantly at fairs. In addition, there are frequent price changes for flights and transportation from the airport to the hotel. That's why you should start planning your participation in a trade fair abroad very early with organizational work. Flights are often not cheaper and hotels want to take advantage of the trade fair. Also note that possible language barriers can cause significant difficulties in getting from the airport to the hotel and from there to the trade fair. In case of a multi-day trade fair connected to a hotel far from the exhibition centre, it is worth comparing the prices of bus, taxi or private transport services.

What visas do I need to attend a trade fair abroad?

Whether a visa is required and which visa is required depends on the part of the world where you plan to attend a trade fair. As a citizen of the European Union, you enjoy freedom of movement on EU soil. Visa is not required for short stays where the fair will take place. The main countries where you need a visa on arrival are China, Turkey, Russia, India and Pakistan. Also, almost all countries in Africa and Asia and some countries in South America require you to apply for a visa during your stay.

Consider high shipping costs and long shipping routes

The size of the planned exhibition stand and depending on the type of industry you will need several containers to ship all the supplies and exhibits. Shipping by air freight is significantly more expensive than shipping by ship, train, or truck. Transportation usually takes place within one day, but requires delivery time and free capacity at the logistics company. This shows once again that early planning offers significant potential to save your costs. Shipping by sea takes longer but is much cheaper. You should always take long lead times into account when calculating shipping time. Shipping companies and logistics companies have limited capacities. It is out of the question for a container ship to leave the Port of Hamburg every day, all over the world!

How will materials and products be declared to customs?

For temporary use of goods abroad only, Carnet ATA acts as a temporary permit for the export or import of consumer goods. This customs document, recognized by 77 countries, facilitates the work of participants in the construction of international trade fairs. In Germany, these documents are issued by the responsible chambers of industry and commerce. The intended use – in your case for a trade fair abroad – and the credibility of your information are decisive for the creation of a temporary permit. An ATA carnet speeds up imports and exports and avoids major problems with customs clearance. You can find out from the customs authorities or your Chamber of Industry and Commerce whether the country you are going to is a part of this agreement.

What are cultural differences and how do you best prepare for them?

Other countries other etiquette. You are a guest and must comply with the laws, regulations and customs applicable in the country you are visiting. After all, you want to present yourself and your company in the best possible way. This includes dealing with cultural differences in a decent way. Thanks to the internet and ongoing globalization, you'll find helpful advice for every country in the world that goes far beyond the classic tips and tricks of travel guides.

Tip: In a language course, they usually not only learn the relevant language and can communicate better on site. Normally, a language course with a reputable provider always includes a module that covers the cultural aspects of a country or region.

Think about the little things!

The bigger and more motivated your team, the more people will think with you. It is important not to rely solely on members of the marketing department. Be sure to include everyone involved in the planning! Build teams that can score points with your expertise. While the logisticians in your company take care of shipping and customs, electricians and booth builders consider things like adapters and power supplies to compensate for the different voltages of the power grids. Checklists help ensure that nothing is forgotten. Because a package sent by express may not cost you much in your own borders, but it will cost you a lot of time and money in international shipping halfway around the world.

Conclusion on trade fair appearances abroad

As you can easily see, planning is everything. This is especially true for attending a trade fair abroad. Long transport routes and high transport costs, and cross-cultural differences demand a lot of attention from you and your team. However, international trade fairs are a great opportunity to open new markets, introduce yourself to the world public and gain new trade partners.

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