Are LGS Sample Questions Important?

Are LGS Sample Questions Important?
Are LGS Sample Questions Important?

LGS, which has been implemented since 2018, is now on the system. When LGS was implemented in 2018, there were many problems. However, the problems experienced in the following years were gradually eliminated. Now I can say that LGS has a well-established system. With the arrival of LGS, only the exam format has not changed. Significant changes were also made in the question format. LGS now includes questions that we call new generation questions.

The transition phase to the new generation questions was actually not easy. It was a painful process for both students and teachers. Because there were not enough sample questions at hand. In order to solve this problem, the Ministry of National Education has started to publish sample questions regularly every month since the 2018-2019 academic year. With the sample questions published, the question pattern and format began to be learned gradually. Many publishing houses have prepared questions in the form of sample questions. In short, we started to understand LGS better with the publication of sample questions. It worked for the teachers. Because it was quite tiring to fight without knowing what you were fighting.

Up to this point we've come LGS Sample Questions We have a very large pool of questions that we can evaluate in the category. One of our clearest suggestions to every student preparing for LGS is to solve all sample questions. Because we have seen once again this year that sample questions serve as a compass for us. We examined in detail all the questions applied in 2022. Then, we examined the questions and sample questions that came out in previous years. I can easily say that many question patterns have emerged and have been prepared in parallel with the sample questions. In fact, some questions were asked almost exactly the same as a pattern.

As a result, these analyzes show us that the importance of sample questions is quite high. Every student who wants to get a successful result in the exam must solve the sample questions. So how can you access all the sample questions? For this, I recommend the website to all our students. This site has all sample questions published since 2018.

In addition, all sample questions on the site are arranged according to their topics. In all sample questions published by the Ministry of National Education, the questions related to Mathematics are divided according to their subjects. In this way, our students can access all sample questions on the subject they want. I recommend all our students preparing for the exam to visit

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