CHP's Grandson: 'AK Party Mayors Sentenced to Prison Have Been Protected for 7 Months'


Seyit Torun, CHP Deputy Chairman for Local Governments, made statements regarding the agenda.

CHP's Torun said:

“Süleyman Soylu has been protecting mayors for 7 months, whom the judiciary said 'dismiss'. Süleyman Soylu, are you above the law? What do you think yourself? Moreover, despite the judicial decision, you host these people in your office and give photos. You can't give any answer by keeping our question paper on hold for 6 months. You copy and paste the municipal laws and send them as an answer. Süleyman Soylu, we already know that you do not obey the law. Aren't you ashamed to write down the laws that you do not comply with and send them to the Assembly and mock the Assembly? What kind of bloat is this?

You are a minister who dismissed our mayors without any evidence. Your own mayors have been imprisoned for sure, you are not taking any action. How is this justice? Süleyman Soylu, you are a minister protecting criminals and you will give an account of these injustices to this nation.”