A Fun Journey to the History of Humanity with Arkeofest

A Fun Journey to the History of Humanity with Arkeofest
A Fun Journey to the History of Humanity with Arkeofest

The Archeology Festival (Arkeofest), organized for the second time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, brought history enthusiasts of all ages together at the 8500-year-old Arkeopark Open Air Museum for two days. The participants, who traveled to history in many workshops from coin minting to mosaic making, also had a pleasant day with the show of the Rafadan Crew team.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has put its signature under exemplary works in Turkey within the scope of historical and cultural heritage works, has carried out another event that will bring the historical value of the city to the country's showcase in the 8500-year-old Arkeopark. Aiming to make the history of the city known and visited by wider segments, the Metropolitan Municipality organized the second Archeology Festival, the first of which was held in 2020, at the Archeopark Open Air Museum. The festival, which attracted great interest from many citizens from within the city and from outside the city, created fun activities that appeal to all segments from children to the elderly. Visiting the stands prepared in the historical region, the participants enjoyed many experiences such as mosaic, coin minting, restoration, Hittite cuneiform workshop, clay pottery, fossil necklace making, chipped stone tool making, basket making, iron forging, arrow shooting, miniature adobe house application. . Children attending the festival with their families spent an unforgettable day with activities such as textile printing, pottery wheel, cracked egg and paper workshop, painting, treasure hunt, and making primitive musical instruments. The children, who were doing archeology excavations in the company of expert personnel, happily unearthed the pots they found under the ground. Archeology enthusiasts traveled through time with drama workshops prepared in the area.

In the festival, which was organized with full programs for two days, Antandros Excavation Director Prof. Dr. Gürcan Polat and Assoc. Dr. Yasemin Polat, Troia Museum Director Rıdvan Gölcük and Uludağ University Lecturer Serap Ala Çelik also answered questions about archeology, museology and science. Having a good time all day with the activities they did, the children danced and sang to the fullest with the Rafadan Tayfa team that participated in the Arkeofest. The little ones who watched the Göbeklitepe show of Rafadan Tayfa for two days went on stage, sang songs and played various games.

Organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Arkeofest also hosted the guests by setting up stands this year, as well as the Museums Branch Directorate, Osmangazi Municipality, Antandros Association, Yalova Municipality, Besaş, Akıncılar Traditional Archery Association, and Science and Technology Center.

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