3D Mapping in Production with Digital Twin Revolution

The Digital Twin Revolution Is Happening With D Mapping In Production
3D Mapping in Production with Digital Twin Revolution

Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric enables digital and real production synchronized with digital twin applications, which are among Industry 4.0 solutions. The company, which aligns companies with the speed of global competition with its digital twin applications, which are preferred in almost all sectors in the new industrial age, makes the entire life cycle of production and systems traceable in a virtual environment. Mitsubishi Electric, which adds new technologies to its digital twin technologies with the increasing integration of production into the digital climate, and offers companies the opportunity to direct their business results, increases business performance and reduces costs.

Digital twin applications, defined as a 3D modeled digital copy that can simulate a physical object or system, represent a new turning point in the world of manufacturing. Taking this point as a starting point, Mitsubishi Electric offers algorithms, behavioral models and simulation models for the most appropriate representation of different areas with its digital twin technologies. By shortening the design processes of the digital twin simulation and further improving the simulation precision, the company also creates space for comprehensive perspectives based on behavioral analysis. For example, applications by Mitsubishi Electric, which can derive certain behavior patterns for a planned or already existing object from the machining cycles of a CNC machining center, facilitate users to understand the inner workings of a machine with 3D visualizations. In this way, it creates freedom for the designer to be extremely flexible according to individual requirements.

Mitsubishi Electric's digital twin applications digitize processes in many different areas, not only for developers, but also for plant and plant managers. Users can use a specific set of tools from the digital modular system on the said digital twin platform, in line with their needs. For example, a design engineer can test the performance of a newly developed machine in the digital development environment, not on the prototype. Based on simulations and behavioral analysis, parameters such as an expected material bottleneck, predictable failure of an equipment or declining product quality can be detected. Most importantly, predictive maintenance can be done with service and maintenance plans.

Mitsubishi Electric, which has been a solution partner for many years across Turkey with new generation industrial automation systems; It seamlessly solves digital twin applications with smart devices such as digital servo amplifiers, PLC controllers and robots. Applications that help consolidate and intensify the large volumes of data generated by the collection of process data; By optimizing the design, commissioning and production stages, it provides a serious profit advantage in costs. Many technologies in the product portfolio can be used for digital twin applications. In particular, collaborative robots, which are the 'metal collars' of flexible production, can be easily controlled through virtual copies. The company's registered trademark MAISART signed MELFA ASSISTA cobots, using the digital twin to add a new dimension to flexibility in production. kazanyelling.

Mitsubishi Electric, an ambitious player of the new industrial phase, implements advanced technology solutions to prepare industrialists for the digital factories of the future in Turkey as well as in the world. Facilitating digital twin applications with the eF@ctory concept it developed in response to Industry 4.0, the company also prepared Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Klima Sistemleri Üretim A.Ş., which produces home air conditioners in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, with this concept. In addition, thanks to the digital twin application realized on the production line of a leading electronic goods manufacturer in Turkey, it added flexibility and efficiency to production without interfering with the actual production line. An authorized person can simulate the production that he really wants to do on the digital twin of the production line by simply changing the parameter, and can see how efficiently the targeted production will work when it is real, before starting the production physically.

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