500 TL Scholarship Support for Students Choosing Agricultural Field in Sakarya

TL Scholarship Support for Students Choosing Agriculture in Sakarya
500 TL Scholarship Support for Students Choosing Agricultural Field in Sakarya

With the protocol signed between the Ministry of National Education and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, students who prefer the field of agriculture in vocational education will be provided with a scholarship support of 500 lira per month.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, who visited the Metropolitan Municipality after the meetings he held within the scope of his visit to Sakarya, signed a protocol with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce to support vocational education.

Expressing that his visit to Sakarya was very fruitful, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer reminded that they provided a significant increase in the education investment budget of the city, they held a productive meeting for the preparations for the academic year and they opened the Hacı Ramazanlar Village Life Center.

Stating that positive discrimination is made in this field in order to strengthen agriculture in the city and to meet the need for human resources in the field of agriculture within the scope of the protocol signed with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Minister Özer said: will give a scholarship of 500 lira per month. If the student is in a vocational training center, the state already contributes 30 percent of the minimum wage. In other words, he receives a fee of 1.700 lira per month. When he receives 500 lira from our Metropolitan Municipality, he will have received a monthly fee of 2 thousand 200 liras. It will also be insured against work accidents and occupational diseases. I am very happy to sign such an important protocol in Sakarya.” said.

Expressing that they want not only to listen to the problems, but also to identify them and develop opportunities to produce quick solutions every time they go to the provinces, Minister Özer said that Sakarya is a strong city in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Reminding that as the Ministry of National Education, they have carried out many projects to strengthen vocational education, Özer said, "On the one hand, we strengthen vocational high schools, on the other hand, we organize very comprehensive trainings in vocational training centers to train our employees, especially in the fields of apprenticeship, journeyman and mastery. With the change in the Vocational Education Law No. 25 that we made on December 2021, 3308, there was a real break in vocational education centers. While there were 159 thousand apprentices in Turkey before this law change, as of today, 600 thousand 888 apprentices and journeymen are actively receiving training in enterprises all over Turkey. Hopefully, they will complete their education in a short time and continue to work in businesses as the human resources that our country needs.” used his statements.

Noting that the practice of giving scholarships to students who choose vocational education was started in Bursa, Özer said that later on, protocols supporting vocational education with Gaziantep Şahinbey Municipality, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Erzurum Municipality are continuing.

Minister Özer, who thanked Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yüce for his partnership in education and for his contributions to the city, wished the protocol to be beneficial.

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