5 Steps of a Successful Hair Transplant


As the success rates in hair transplantation increase, it becomes more popular. However, given the risks and challenges, people want the outcome of their operations to be successful and to have a natural hair look. Although there are many techniques and stages in hair transplantation, it must have a few features to be successful.

What are the Steps of a Successful Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is an operation that has many stages and requires careful attention. While a successful hair transplant can make you look better, an unsuccessful hair transplant can have the opposite effect. First of all, a good hair transplant center Choosing is very important. The doctor who manages the operation is also of critical importance. In addition to his medical history, experience and knowledge are of great importance for a successful hair transplant. In addition, the surgical team should be experienced, and the support team of the clinic should be able to eliminate the question marks in your mind throughout the process.

Who is Istanbul Vita Hair Transplantation Center?

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After choosing the right clinic for hair transplantation, there are 5 steps to follow in order to have a successful operation. These steps are:

  1. Preoperative Diagnosis

Hair transplant operation restores your hair kazanIt is an excellent option for your business. However, it may not be the right choice for everyone experiencing hair loss. The important thing here is to find the main cause of hair loss and to inform the patient correctly. In addition, many patients Istanbul hair transplant It takes long distances to get it done. Correct diagnosis before surgery can save extra money and time.

  • Diagnosing the Cause of Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. Genetic predisposition, stress, hormonal problems, autoimmune diseases, malnutrition and iron deficiency may be the causes of this condition. It is very important to diagnose the cause of hair loss correctly and to control this condition before hair transplantation.

  • Blood test

In order to diagnose the condition of hair loss, a comprehensive blood test should be done before the operation. It is more reasonable to choose the treatment to be applied according to the results of the blood test.

  • Donor Area Hair Health

It is necessary to examine the hair health of the donor area (usually the nape) and determine how many grafts can be collected.

By filling out the contact form on our site Istanbul Vita hair transplant center You can get free information from our expert consultants, you can get comments from our doctors by sending your photos showing the condition of your hair.

  1. Making Operation Planning

  • Detection of Boundary Line

Correct determination of the hairline location is a factor that increases the success of hair transplantation. A natural hairline suitable for your age and face will make you look better. The hairline should not be too low or too high, and a straight hairline should be avoided. Straight hairlines create an artificial image.

Istanbulvita Our General Director Hasan Basol On this subject he says:

The determination of the front hairline, which is one of the most important criteria of the hair transplant operation, is actually quite important as it directly affects the post-operative satisfaction of the people. Many people do not care about the planning of the front hairline before the operation, and when the hair starts to grow, they are not satisfied and complain that the transplantation is not successful. Therefore, it is very important to determine a correct front hairline.

  • Correct Determination of Graft Number

The number of grafts required for a natural image should be determined correctly. The ideal density will give you the best view. Although some patients want a very dense hair appearance, sometimes this can cause an artificial appearance.

  1. Considerations During the Operation
  • Distribution of Grafts to the Recipient Area

First, the recipient area should be prepared for hair transplantation, and the collected grafts should be placed in the channels as one, two and three bundles. Each bundle should be used specifically according to its number to create a natural look.

  • Skin Tissue Should Be Treated Sensitively

Care should be taken to avoid scarring in the skin tissue during the collection and placement of the grafts in the channels. The use of the right technique and the expertise of the transplanting doctor are very important.

  1. Grooving and Graft Placement Phase
  • Channeling at the Right Angle and Hair Direction

One of the most important stages in hair transplantation is channel opening. Since everyone's hairline is different, the hair direction and angle are also different. For a natural hair transplant, channels must be opened according to the right angle and direction. Although the angle of each region varies, an average angle of 40 degrees will be sufficient. The experience of your doctor and the number of patients transplanted affect the success of grooving.

IstanbulVita Doctors

Hair transplant operations, Dr. Ozge Miray Gultekin, Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balci and with its expert team.

Dr. Ozge Miray Gultekin, graduated from Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine in 2013, then attended many trainings and conferences about hair transplantation in the world and in Europe. With 6 years of experience in his field, he is among the doctors who use sapphire percutaneous technology best.

Dr. Mustafa Ayhan BalciAfter completing his education at Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, he has improved himself in the field of Medical Tourism by participating in seminars and conferences in many countries such as Germany, France and the USA, which are the pioneers of the hair transplant sector. At the same time, he trained many hair transplant specialists in this field and helped the hair transplant field to grow in Turkey.

  1. After Hair Transplantation Care
  • Washing

It is of great importance that the transplanted hair is washed properly. The first wash should be done by a specialist at the place where you had the hair transplant. Since the grafts are newly planted, they should be treated sensitively during washing and should not be rubbed harshly. Shampoo and lotion to be used after hair transplantation should be provided by the center where you had the hair transplant, and their usage should be explained in detail.

  • Post-Hair Transplantation Supplements and Equipment

Neck pillow and drugs should be used correctly in order to heal donor and recipient areas quickly and to prevent damage to the transplanted grafts.

IstanbulVita provides shampoo, hair care lotion, neck pillow to minimize the contact of the scalp with the surface, and medical drugs for professional care at home.

  • Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

Hair should not be washed on the first day; tiring, sweaty work should be avoided for a while. Since sweating will damage the hair follicles, it will be difficult to get the desired result.

You should not lie on the transplanted area for a while as it will damage the grafts.

People who do sports should reduce these activities or even stop them completely for a better result.

It is recommended not to go out in the sun for the first three days and to avoid coffee, tea and alcohol consumption.

Successful Hair Transplantation Examples

Successful hair transplant examples You can check our Istanbul Vita Instagram page.