What is SirixTrader? How to Use Sirix

What is SirixTrader How to Use Sirix
What is SirixTrader How to Use Sirix

Sirix is ​​a trading platform for traders offered by forex companies around the world. This platform provides investors with advantages that they can access anytime, anywhere.

The use of Sirix has become widespread among reliable forex companies due to the embargo imposed on Metatrader, a Russian company, all over the world. In fact, while the future of new embargoes to Metatrader is being discussed, most of the investors who want to be confident have moved their accounts from companies that offer Metatrader to forex companies that are Sirix.

Well How to use Sirix? It's actually quite simple to use. It has an understandable interface, so investors can instantly access the page and information they want.

How to Use Sirix

SirixTrader trading platform Investors who want to trade with Sirix should first open an account with a forex company that offers Sirix. After opening an account, you can log in to Sirix with the given account information.

The first screen that investors encounter after logging in to their accounts is the screen where they can access all information in general.

As it is familiar from other trading platforms, there are various financial products in the tab on the left side of the screen that says Rates.

In this tab, there are many options for investors to choose from, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, foreign stocks and currencies.

Again, on the right side of the screen, there is the graph of the related investment product. If investors want to get more detailed information, they can change the chart type from the icons in the upper right and add the indicator they want to the chart instantly.

The selected indicator is displayed just below the graph. Sirix trading platform With its simple interface and easy-to-use language, it is a platform where investors of all kinds can easily perform transactions and follow their transactions.

How to use Sirix You can get more detailed information from the guide.

Sirix Features

There are some features that make the Sirix trading platform special. These features are listed below;

  • Easy order entry
  • Dozens of indicator options
  • More than 150 investment products
  • A reliable and fast infrastructure
  • Multi-device support
  • Web Trader advantage
  • Instant price tracking
  • Simple to use and understandable interface
  • Opportunity to trade with the lot size you want

Sirix features It is preferred by investors. In particular, multi-device support is much more important than expected. Thanks to this feature, investors can be anywhere without their own devices. Sirix account They can log in to their accounts with their information.

for example Sirix Web Trader It is possible to log in from the computer or the browser without the need for downloading.

There are several features that distinguish Sirix from other trading platforms. The most important of these is that it is far from the logic that 1 lot is 100.000 units. Investors who trade with Sirix can trade with the number of units they want. 1 lot is equal to the price per 1 unit of the product in the parity traded. Therefore, investors can open positions even with low balances.

Another special feature is that the Buy/Sell button is automatic. In other trading platforms, investors encounter 4 different order types. One of these order types should be chosen correctly during the transaction.

In Sirix, you enter pending orders at the levels you want, the system automatically defines buy limit, buy stop, sell limit, sell stop options. Thus, the margin of error in your transactions is eliminated.

Is Sirix Trustworthy?

sirix It is offered by reliable forex companies operating in many countries around the world. If so many forex companies prefer Sirix, it is possible to say that it is also demanded by investors.

Sirix offers a very fast and reliable service with its advanced infrastructure. When the user comments are examined, Sirixcomplaint As a subject, we do not come across a title that affects reliability. In fact, most of the investors made positive comments on the multi-device support, Web Trader feature and easy use.

In summary; Sirix is ​​a reliable trading platform offered by trusted companies. That's why so many brokerage firms offer Sirix. Investors who will trade with Sirix can view their transactions, investment products list and balance from a single screen.

In addition, detailed information about the transactions can be easily found in each tab that is entered. The best feature of Sirix is ​​that it is easy to use and reliable.

What is Sirix We learned how to use it. We wish you success in your transactions.

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