What is Dog Treats? What Should Be Considered When Choosing Dog Food?

dog food
dog food

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Dogs expect love and attention in return for their friendship. Those who keep dogs at home reward this concern and love by giving them food. At this point, it is of great importance for their development to pay attention to the nutrition of dogs, just like humans. When buying dog food, you need to pay attention to some points to make sure that the food is produced to certain standards and whether it is enough for your dog. Quality nutrition is the right of all animals. Also for the award dog treats you should get it!

Now that you have learned the necessary information about the types of dog food, it remains to answer the question of how to choose dog food. The foods you choose for our loyal friends are very important. Dogs tell you if the food is good or bad quality! When you choose a good quality food, they will usually eat it all with great appetite! Also, your dog's stool should be solid but not dry. Their fur should be shiny and not shed at all when stroked! Here's what you'll choose with important symptoms like this dog food and some important information about reward food in this article…

Wrongly chosen food for dogs negatively affects the nutrition of dogs. Such situations can cause discomfort in dogs. When buying this floating dog food, especially dry food needs to be more careful.

What Are the Types of Dog Food?

When looking for food for your dog, first of all, you should know the types of food that have different shapes, tastes and nutritional values. Whatever type you choose, remember that your main goal is to find a food that meets all your dog's nutritional needs. When buying dog food, you need to know what nutrients it needs for a healthy diet. In this way, you can easily choose dog foods that are both delicious and contain balanced nutritional values.

What is Dry Dog Food?

Dry dog ​​foods, which are economical and have a long shelf life, are one of the most preferred types of food by pet owners. Dry food varieties with different aromas also contribute to the dental health of dogs as they reduce the formation of tartar during chewing. These practical foods, which do not require preparations such as cooking, cooling and defrosting, are easily served with a food bowl. In addition, due to its low liquid content, you need to serve dry food with a water bowl.

What is Canned Dog Food?

Canned food, also known as wet food, is loved by dogs because of its high water content and soft texture. Since it is easier to digest in the mouth compared to dry food, it is especially used for old dogs with poor dental health. When choosing this type of food, first of all, you should pay attention to the protein and water ratios. For a complete nutrition, it is useful to turn to options with low water content. Let's also add that canned dog food prices can be higher compared to others.

What is a Bone and Auger Rod?

Bone and auger rods are used to meet the instinctive need of chewing in dogs. Dog bones, one of the best ways to exercise their jaw muscles, clean their teeth and provide mental stimulation, play a complementary role in their nutritional routine. While these chews don't provide all the nutrients your dog needs, they do offer high-protein options. In order to avoid the danger of suffocation, when choosing dog bones, you can choose large-sized products that do not completely enter the mouth.

What is Prize Food?

Reward foods, which serve a different purpose than others, are used to shape the behavior of dogs during training periods. These snacks, which are indispensable for fun game activities, usually consist of bone-shaped biscuits. Although they contain nutritional supplements such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, you need to know that dog treats are not a substitute for basic nutrition. However, when using dog treats, you should pay attention to the daily consumption amount determined by the manufacturer. Definitely for treats juenpetmarket We recommend you to visit the site!

What should we pay attention to when buying dog food?

  • The most suitable food for dogs is usually dry food. This will be the most suitable choice for your dog's digestive system and dental health.
  • Age and breed are the most important features to consider when choosing food. Whether it is neutered or not should also be considered in the selection of food.
  • The first ingredients of food should start with meat. At this point, pay attention to whether the amount of protein is appropriate for your dog.
  • Some foods contain substances such as cane molasses and corn syrup. These substances are very harmful to your dog. Definitely do not choose!
  • It is necessary to stay away from foods that specify animal derivatives, chicken products and similar soldering iron products.
  • Dog food should be free of additives and contain natural antioxidants.
  • When buying dog food, it would be better to turn to foods containing vitamins such as D, A, B1, and also minerals. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that it contains substances such as iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorus.
  • Soy products have been used in dog foods in recent years. Soy products may present an allergenic reaction to your dog. Therefore, it is not recommended for dog health.
  • You should make sure that there are no GMOs when purchasing dog food, as it is harmful to human health.
  • The freshness of the foods is the basis of the issue. Dogs may not like foods that are not fresh and have been sitting on the shelves for a long time.
  • Some of the foods that are sold contain many substances that are harmful for dogs to pass solid stools. Hardness and hardness in the dog's stool does not mean that the food is of good quality. For this reason, attention should be paid to this point as well.

You may have no trouble having fun with your pet friends, but things get a little more complicated when it comes to feeding. While dogs with good taste are picky about dog food, they need a delicate and balanced nutrition program to maintain a healthy development. Therefore, in order for your four-legged family members to live a long and healthy life, you need to meet their nutritional needs completely.

You may have a hard time deciding among hundreds of different food and chew products, by reading this guide you can learn the tricks to be considered in choosing dog food in all details.

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