What is a Consultant, What Does It Do, How to Become? Consultant Salaries 2022

What is a Consultant What Does It Do How to Become a Consultant Salary
What is a Consultant, What Does It Do, How to Become a Consultant Salary 2022

According to the definition of the Turkish Language Institution, a consultant is a person in charge who is consulted for his knowledge and opinion on a subject and who guides him to make the right decisions. The consultant has complete command of the field in which he is an expert. He has the ability to objectively evaluate the situations and problems in the field. It sees what employers or authorities cannot see, and prevents the loss of money, time and energy with the ideas and solutions they find. In addition to the advice they give, they encourage the institution they work for to take action. In this way, they also contribute to the organization of work and make a difference. For all these, it is very important that the consultants are experts and competent people in their field. Consultants should also have an innovative and self-improving structure. The question of where does the consultant work can be answered as they can work in various fields in the private sector and public institutions. The areas of consultancy needed in organizations can be listed as follows:

  • Press Consultancy
  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Finance and Accounting Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Production Consulting
  • R&D Consultancy
  • International Transactions Consultancy
  • Marketing Consulting

These areas may differ according to the structure of the institution. When answering the question of what the consultant does, it is stated that the consultant constantly follows the developments in his field of expertise. It determines constructive solutions and ideas that make a difference for today. They also shed light on the institution they work for with their predictions for the future. They express their knowledge scientifically through reports and analyzes. Every business needs planning and strategies. The prerequisite for making these plans is to have detailed information on many subjects. It can be difficult for employers and managers to have detailed information on multiple topics at the same time and analyze them correctly. For this reason, the authorities need the specialized knowledge of the clients and the guidance that will be useful in solving possible problems. For the question of who is the consultant called, these guiding people are indicated. In addition, consultancy services have many benefits for institutions. Thanks to consultancy, business efficiency increases, problems are solved quickly, a wealth of ideas is created and information is quickly accessed when needed. Thanks to the consultant, there is an objective eye to notice important details that the employer cannot notice. The question of what is a consultant can be answered as follows; The consultant is the person who avoids wasting time by preventing various mistakes. It helps to gain an advantageous position in businesses where competition is in question. It guides the fastest optimization of jobs. It enables to take more confident steps towards the future.

What Does a Consultant Do, What Are His Duties and Responsibilities?

Consultants can find work in many private and public institutions. Although their duties may vary according to their area of ​​expertise, the areas of responsibility of the consultant can be summarized as follows:

  • Setting a corporate strategy
  • Ensuring coordination in the working environment
  • Planning the work schedule
  • Organize the workflow and subsystems in the organization
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Contributing to the production of projects that will contribute to business development
  • Increasing employee engagement and motivation
  • Recognizing opportunities and working towards them
  • Anticipating future problems and generating solutions
  • Identifying the organization's needs and goals
  • Generating ideas to improve the workspace
  • Identifying the training needed by employees and supporting their development

Clients fulfill these responsibilities with good observation and detailed analysis. It is part of their duty to present the reports they issue periodically. They can also develop other documents and products that will make things easier. Their areas of expertise and consultancy duties are as follows:

  • Management Consultant: Increasing business performance by creating a system that produces fast solutions
  • Finance and Accounting Consultant: Making financial analyzes and income-expenditure arrangements, establishing growth targets, monitoring progress and improving the financial system
  • Press Advisor: Creating and following the image of the institution in the media, preparing press releases
  • Human Resources Consulting: Controlling the recruitment processes, analyzing the personnel characteristics that will meet the needs of the institution, determining the human resources policies
  • Production Consultant: Increasing the efficiency of the production system, analyzing the product development process
  • R&D Consultancy: Following technological developments and integrating them into operations in the organization, developing creative ideas
  • International Transactions Consultancy: Determining the strategies of the institution in its relations with foreign countries
  • Marketing Consultancy: Generating innovative ideas about marketing, preparing plans for targets

What Training Do You Need To Become A Consultant?

Consulting is a job that requires expertise and experience in the field. In order to have knowledge on the subject to be studied, the person should develop himself. The question of which school should be completed to become a counselor can be answered as follows: There is no specific department that must be completed in order to become a counselor. According to the field of consultancy, Business, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Law, Public Relations etc. You can study in many departments. However, it is necessary to consolidate the expertise with additional trainings suitable for the master's degree or the field. Consultants should know people well and have some necessary skills to organize the work environment. For this reason, trainings; It can be taken in areas such as strategy production, stress management, effective time management, digital transformation. A master's degree can be done in psychology, sociology, labor economics and international relations.

What are the Requirements to Become a Consultant?

Persons who want to undertake the task of consultancy in institutions should have good communication skills, high persuasion abilities, proper oratory and clear diction. In addition, they should have the skills to reason logically, work collaboratively and produce results-oriented solutions. Persons who are open to innovation and self-improvement, determined, impressive, recognizing opportunities, open-minded, developing, role models and having leadership qualities are suitable for this task. If you are thinking about what to do to become a consultant with these features and skills, this question can be answered as follows: People who want to be a consultant can expect graduate and doctorate degrees as well as undergraduate degrees. In addition to these, certificates showing competence in the relevant field are also important. Experience in field work is also among the criteria sought for being a consultant. Although there is no specific measure of this experience, it may vary from institution to institution. The consultant should be able to accurately transfer his observations to reports with detailed analyzes and make good presentations. One of the important elements that can provide evidence of a person's competence is undoubtedly references. At least two references to indicate that the consultant candidate is competent and qualified should be submitted in the CV. All this information can be prepared in the form of the necessary documents to become a consultant and used in the position to be applied for.

What are the Consultant Recruitment Requirements?

Candidates who apply through a consultant job posting and fulfill the recruitment criteria are taken to a written and/or oral exam to evaluate the needs and expectations of the institution. Candidates with the necessary knowledge and equipment, good diction, high eloquence and persuasion can start working as a consultant in their field. Consultant salary information varies according to the area of ​​expertise and the institution. It is difficult to talk about a specific salary range, as it can be worked in a wide variety of fields. When evaluated in terms of specialties, the salaries of press consultant, human resources consultant and marketing consultant, finance and accounting consultant, executive consultant and production consultant will differ.

Consultant Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 7.020 TL, the highest 15.96. TL

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