What Are Structural Plywoods?

Plywood Materials
Plywood Materials

Plywood, which is a wood product generally used in the construction industry, is a thin and flexible wooden material with high durability, formed by gluing at least three veneers on top of each other. The fact that plywood materials are water resistant and have high strength is an important feature for the construction industry. It can be used in mold works, scaffolding platforms, roofing works, flooring and parquet industry, door construction, shelf construction, table construction, wooden chair and wooden products.

What Are Structural Plywoods?

They can be used in all kinds of load-bearing systems that are produced from uncoated coniferous trees (such as coastal pine, stone pine, ironwood species) with high load-carrying properties and are not affected by events such as weather conditions, water or humidity. With the development of technology, the use of plywood, which is one of the materials used in the construction of solid and reliable structures in the construction sector, has become quite widespread. It is among the reasons why it is preferred because it is durable and made of wood material.

There are differences in the tree species, which are the main material of plywood materials, which have different types according to the usage area. The wood types used in the production of plywood materials to be used for construction works are different, and the wood types used in the production of plywood materials used in the production of chairs, doors or wooden items are different. The prices of these materials, which have different durability levels according to their types, also differ economically.

Prices of Plywood Materials

The prices of plywood materials, which have many types, vary according to their types. available at affordable prices plywood prices It also varies according to the number, size and thickness of the plywood you will buy. A plywood material measuring 4 x 4 x 1700, which is generally made of 2200 mm beech wood, starts at 300 TL. The price range of plywood materials, the price of which varies according to the type, size, quantity and quality, varies between 300 TL and 3000 TL.

You can find high quality and durable plywood materials that fit your budget. The change in quality according to the characteristics of the tree from which it is made depends on the life and durability of the tree from which it is made. In this case, the durability and quality of plywood materials also have the characteristics of this tree. The durability of the chosen plywood material, whether it will be used as a construction material or in furniture, is a very important factor that needs attention.

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