Turkish Space Agency Made a Technical Visit to the USA

Turkish Space Agency Made a Technical Visit to the USA
Turkish Space Agency Made a Technical Visit to the USA

With the special invitation of the US Trade and Development Agency, the Turkish Space Agency made a technical visit to meet with international organizations working in the field of space in the US and exchange ideas on technology transfer between 18-26 June.

The technical visit was accompanied by TUA President Serdar Hüseyin YILDIRIM, as well as officials from the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TUBITAK and TUBITAK Space.

As part of the program, visits were made to NASA Kennedy Space Center, NASA JPL, RocketLab, Sierra Space, Boeing Space and SpaceX facilities and collaborations were discussed.


An important memorandum of understanding was also signed during the visit. TUA signed a memorandum of understanding with Sierra Space, one of the world-renowned space companies of the USA.

With this agreement;

Space technologies and applications in areas such as remote sensing, propulsion systems, crewed space systems and space communications,

  • Space environment use in LEO orbit, including the use of Sierra Space's LIFE space habitat module,
  • Sending payloads to LEO (low Earth orbit) and the Moon,
  • Cooperation will be made on issues such as space-related commercial ventures, R&D, technology innovation and participation of Turkish industry and academia in science campaigns.

During its visit, the TUA Delegation also met with Axiom Space, with which it collaborated for the Turkish Space Passenger mission, and held a working meeting on the latest developments.

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