TOGG Will Establish a Charging Station Network across Turkey


Domestic electric vehicle company TOGG, which set out with the aim of installing end-to-end high-performance chargers in Turkey, received the charging network operator license as a result of its application to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) with the Trugo brand. TOGG CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş stated that they have taken all the necessary steps to become a licensed player in the sector and said, “We received our charging network operator license from EMRA.

With our 'Trugo' brand, we will offer an uninterrupted experience to all electric vehicle users with devices over 81 kilowatt-hours in 180 provinces. The countdown has begun on the way to our goal. After the completion of the homologation process, our first smart device, the C-SUV, will be launched in March 2023.”

TOGG also obtained the charging network operator license on the way to install 81 high-performance chargers (DC) in more than 600 locations in 1000 provinces with Trugo. TOGG, whose license application has been accepted within the scope of the "Charging Service Regulation" published by EMRA, enters with the brand 'Trugo'.

With Trugo's chargers, it is aimed for an average battery to reach 25 percent in 80 minutes. It is stated that Trugo plans to take place with chargers every 25 kilometers on high-traffic routes and every 50 kilometers in low-intensity areas.

Since there are two sockets on each device, Trugo, which will serve with 2000 sockets, aims to increase the number of stations in high-traffic areas and to provide 100% renewable energy source certified service in devices that will be open to all electric vehicle users in Turkey.