They Reflected Their Dream Design On The Bridge

They Reflected the Design of Their Dreams to the Bridge
They Reflected Their Dream Design On The Bridge

The “TekeRRenk Yolu Project”, which was implemented as a call to awareness project by painting public ramps in various regions of Turkey, was implemented for the first time in Eskişehir.

The study, which was designed by disabled individuals, attracted great attention of citizens.

The "TekeRRenk Yolu Project", which was implemented for the first time in the city by the Disabled Services Unit of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, was implemented on the bridge and ramps on the Adalar Porsuk Boulevard.

After the work carried out within the scope of the project aiming at social awareness, the citizens also carefully examined the change in the bridge.

While the project, designed by disabled individuals and reflecting their dreams, was highly appreciated, the project team gave information about the work and said, “TekeRRenk Yolu Project came together with wheelchair users in Eskişehir and the design was created together. The motifs, inspired by topographical maps that draw attention to the differences in the ground, were designed with the choices of wheelchair users and the compositions they thought would stand out in marking. TekeRRenk Yolu Project, which wants to draw attention to the accessibility and usability of all common living spaces for disabled individuals, uses the striking, transforming and transformative power of colors as a means of expression in order to point out the physical conditions, priority use and inclusive social perception required for wheelchair use in Turkey. is turning. With the awareness study, the accessibility required for the common areas is highlighted. This project, which was implemented for the first time in Eskişehir, provided both raising social awareness and creating the dream design of disabled people together with them.

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