The Thirteenth Kindness Train Was Farewelled from Ankara Station to Afghanistan

Tenth Kindness Train Brought From Ankara Station to Afghanistan
The Thirteenth Kindness Train Was Farewelled from Ankara Station to Afghanistan

With the contributions of AFAD and 16 non-governmental organizations, aid materials consisting of food, clothing, health, hygiene materials, blankets and tents were sent off from Ankara Station to Afghanistan by the 5th train.

Fikret Şinasi, Deputy General Manager of TCDD Transportation, attended the ceremony. Kazancıoğlu, AFAD Vice President Hamza Taşdelen, managers of 16 non-governmental organizations and railwaymen.

Deputy General Manager Fikret Şinasi KazanIn his speech, Cioglu said that the first of our goodness trains, which delivered the supplies to our Afghan brothers, which were provided with the efforts and support of our non-governmental organizations, especially the Turkish Red Crescent, was sent off on January 27, 2022. He said that when we set out together, a total of 5 trains, 12 wagons, 13 containers and a total of 298 tons of aid materials will be delivered to those in need.

KazanCığlu: “In the thirteenth goodness train, which consists of 30 wagons in total, there are 8 tons of food, health, clothing, hygiene materials, blankets and tents in 22 containers and 599 covered wagons. Like our other trains, this train will travel 4 km in total and reach Turgundi, Afghanistan in 168 days. Aid materials on the goodness trains are transported by wagons belonging to our General Directorate, passing through Iran İnceburun to Etrek in Turkmenistan. The materials are transferred to Turkmen wagons in Etrek and continue to Turgundi, Afghanistan's Turkmenistan border station. The expedition of Goodness Trains between Turkey and Afghanistan is an important logistics operation carried out by the railway administrations of four countries.” he said.

KazanCioglu said: "To our esteemed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has guided all railwaymen who support the advancement of goodness trains in Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, to collect these aids and deliver them to our Afghan brothers in need, especially those who labor, support and contribute. I would like to thank our AFAD Presidency, Turkish Red Crescent, non-governmental organizations and everyone who contributed. May the roads of our Goodness Trains going to goodness be open," he concluded.

“Our Aid Trains Will Heal Our Afghan Brothers After Earthquake.”

Speaking at the ceremony, AFAD Vice President Hamza Taşdelen said that there has been a major earthquake in Afghanistan a short time ago, and that with the contributions of non-governmental organizations under the leadership of AFAD, the Afghan people have been sent mainly food, health, hygiene materials, blankets and tents. He said that the Afghan people who survived the earthquake would be healed by the 5th group and the 3rd train.

The Goodness Train departed from Ankara Station to Afghanistan, accompanied by prayers and applause.

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