The Target in Fresh Fig Exports is 100 Million Dollars

Fresh Fig Export Target Million Dollars
The Target in Fresh Fig Exports is 100 Million Dollars

Harvest time for fresh figs, which are defined as sacred fruit in all monotheistic religions and recommended in diets with low calories. The first slaughter and export dates have been announced for the yellow-lop type fresh figs grown in Aydın and the black fig, defined as the Bursa Black, which adorns the tables of the British Royal Family.

The harvest date for sarilop figs is set as 25 July, while the export of sarilop fresh figs will be allowed from 26 July.

In black figs, the slaughter date is July 27, and the export date is; It was set for July 28. Fresh figs began to decorate market shelves and market stalls.

Stating that fig, which is used instead of medicine in alternative medicine, is a fruit that has many benefits from protecting heart health, blood sugar management, regulating digestion, renewing body cells, balancing blood pressure, and weight control, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Airplane As a result, he advised them to consume dry after the season.

Sharing the knowledge that Turkey has earned 2021 million dollars of foreign exchange income from fresh fig exports in 70, Uçar said, “The largest portion of 60 million dollars of our fresh fig exports was obtained from Bursa black figs. The export of Sarılop figs is; It was 10 million dollars. Our fresh fig exports increased by 2021 percent in 17. We aim to export 2022 million dollars of fresh figs in 100," he said.

While Turkey exported Bursa black fresh figs to 2021 countries in 40, Germany took the first place with a demand of 27 million dollars. While Bursa black was exported to the Netherlands for 5,8 million dollars, it ranked third in the UK with a demand of 5,1 million dollars.

While the Russian Federation took the top place in the export of sarilop with 3,1 million dollars, the demand for 2,3 million dollars came from Germany. In the Netherlands; It became the third country by importing 866 dollars' worth of sarilop. The number of countries to which we exported Sarılop was recorded as 39.

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