Supplier Companies are Growing with the Support of SME Valley


Supplier Companies

The serious supply problem experienced in some sectors during the covid-19 pandemic process experienced throughout the world and afterwards showed its reflections in our country. Due to supply problems in many areas from the automotive sector to the food sector, it both caused price increases and revealed the problem of not meeting the needs due to the lack of products.

When this is the case, other world countries, like our country, are also open to manufacturers, factories, etc. They announced that they offer a lot of support to the facilities.

Of course, this procurement process is not limited to the manufacturer only. As all the businesses in the supply network change from hand to hand and each time the other business puts a profit on the relevant product, the end consumers inevitably had to buy the products they were going to buy far above the market price.

So, how can businesses find more customers and fight with the companies they compete in when the problem is so serious and in an environment where millions of TL of trade are returned in 1 day across the country?

Being a Supplier

Thanks to the digitalized world, almost no business that does not use the internet and informatics can survive. Every business has to develop very different marketing/advertising strategies to make more sales and reach new customers. But the most important problem here, of course, is competition.

Because product groups sold in one business can also be purchased easily in a different business. The more advanced level is; Again, these product groups can be found on thousands of different websites, thanks to a second search on search engines.

If you are complaining about these problems we have mentioned in your business, we would like to talk about a platform where you can both increase your sales and find new customers who are not in your target audience.

Turkey's largest; Thanks to the Kobi Valley website, which has been serving as a business establishment, management and development platform for years, there is a free promotion area for supplier companies.

In this area, which is prepared for manufacturers, wholesalers, factories, distributors, dealers and sub-dealers, you can register your company for free within seconds and reach new customers faster.

For more detailed information on the subject and to create your company registration free of charge: to be a supplier page.

How to Become a Supplier?

Almost every business dealing with trade continues its business life by buying and selling a product or service. The main loop of the system; It is the profitability of the business by buying the product or products from a manufacturer or an authorized dealer and selling it to the person who wants to make the next purchase by placing a profit margin on it. One of the most important points at this stage is either to increase the profitability rate more or to make more sales by increasing the sales circulation.

For example; 1 TL from a product within 5 day kazanip 10 TL by selling 50 kazanit is possible. Or 5 TL instead of 3 TL from the same product kazanip 10 TL by selling 30 instead of 90 kazanit is possible. Of course, many businesses have more turnover / kazanHe tries harder to get three.

You can improve yourself and your staff in general business and sales/marketing areas if you will be able to sell faster in your business and at the same time work to reach new customers.

Today, many serial sales companies employ professional sales and marketing personnel in order to achieve their sales targets. In addition, they try to increase their brand awareness by doing advertising in many areas such as the internet, social media, local advertisements, sponsorships.

After they bring their brands to the forefront thanks to similar marketing strategies and build trust in the eyes of the buyer customer, they start the sales process.

Headquarters, manufacturers, regional dealers, etc. of the products you sell in order to move your business further. You can reveal more effective working models by interviewing institutions. Thus, you can get much more affordable prices from these institutions for your company that provides supplier services and ask for the necessary support in the payment area. You can develop similar ways for your own company by following the marketing strategies followed by your competitors.

In this way, you can take your infrastructure as a supplier company forward more strongly.

Supply chain management

Whether you are a supplier of cold food products or a seller of live plants, companies in many supply systems have to fulfill the criteria required by their sector in order to complete their sales successfully and profitably.

Supply chain management can be approached from many aspects.

Such as manufacturer, distributor, stocker, warehousing, cold storage, delivery, sales/marketing, end consumer etc. Many factors are the main criteria that are very important at the procurement stage.

Today, many ministries, together with the TR Ministry of Commerce, provide training and support in many areas for businesses to achieve greater success. Many steps are taken to strengthen the country's trade, from KOSGEB supports to development projects, especially for companies engaged in international trade.

Maybe the business processes you have done in the sector you are in are not entirely correct. As a result of analyzes and feasibility studies by experts, many businesses save a lot in both profitability and time management stages.

In order to improve your business and to follow successful ways in accordance with the standards. SME Valley You can find information such as many blogs, comments, business plans, business advice prepared and published by the editors. You can also forward your questions to people who are experts in their field.

But of course, we recommend that you get consultancy support from both government institutions and private organizations in order to improve your business and increase your contribution to the country's trade.