Turkish Grain Board Increases Grain Purchase Prices

Turkish Grains Office Increases Grain Purchase Prices
Turkish Grain Board Increases Grain Purchase Prices

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci stated that Turkish Grain Board (TMO) increased the purchase prices of grains by 400 liras for wheat and 200 liras for barley per ton.

Kirişci stated that the harvest, which started in mid-May in Turkey, is at the level of 20 percent as of today.

Pointing out that the harvest is delayed by 2-3 weeks in many regions due to the shifts in the precipitation regime, Kirişci said that no commercial action has been taken since most of the products are still in the hands of the producers.

Stressing that the developments in the domestic and foreign markets are closely followed by the Ministry and TMO, Kirişci said, “It has been decided to increase the purchase prices of TMO by 400 liras for wheat and 200 liras for barley per ton, and to pay the grain purchase premiums as of July.” used the phrase.

Noting that if the product is delivered to TMO in June, the premium payments will be made in July, if it is in July and August, within the following month, Kirişci said:

“In order for our producers to benefit from the 'Grain Purchase Premium', which will be paid as 1000 lira per ton for wheat and 500 lira for barley by our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, they must have sold their products to TMO by September 1, 2022 at the latest. All our manufacturers, who have delivered products to TMO to date, will benefit from the increased new purchase prices; Retrospective price difference payments will be transferred to the bank accounts of our producers in July. As the Ministry, we do our best to repay the efforts of our producers, and on this occasion, we wish all our producers a fruitful harvest season.”

On the other hand, TMO purchase price of durum wheat (2nd group) was 6 thousand 900 liras per ton, and 2 thousand 6 liras for hard bread wheat (450nd group), while grain purchase premium was 1000 liras per ton.

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