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Sensual Toy


Sensory toys are important for children's development as they stimulate the primary senses. It helps children move their fingers with precision and focus on objects. They also learn to collect and categorize different sensory impressions and experiment with how different things feel. Sensory toys arouse children's curiosity, encourage play and are also incredibly fun. Playfully stimulates the child's intelligence and contributes to their physical and mental well-being.

Function of sensory toys

Parents sometimes wonder how children will learn to walk, count, draw, walk and stand. Sometimes this task in everyday life seems very difficult. Then specially developed toys are used by experts in the field of motor skills and cognition. These toys naturally help develop a child's sensory base. Our toys train your child's brain with impressions on their primary senses. Every child is unique with very individual characteristics that need to be encouraged. Our toys train your child's brain based on basic impressions to learn to classify and make sense of objects.

The right toy for the next generation

Sensory toys are extremely important, especially in our modern world. The daily lives of many children today are often designed in such a way that their senses are no longer naturally stimulated. Thanks to television, electronics and cars, children no longer need to be particularly active and spend most of their days sitting. This is why children often have motor problems from a very young age, some have trouble learning to walk, some are very shy and shy, and some will bite and ruin everything. Despite these challenges, sensory toys can make a big difference because they help restore and maintain the balance between the extraordinary range of sensory input a toddler is exposed to. It also helps the child develop their senses naturally.

Sensory integration of primary senses

An infant's primary senses that are stimulated and enhanced by sensory toys are the musculoskeletal, tactile, and labyrinth senses. These unique senses are also known by the names proprioceptive sense, tactile sense, and vestibular sense. For example, these primary senses help a baby feel its mother's skin, move, rotate objects smoothly, and sit still in a chair. But how often can your child test their limits and senses in a safe environment these days? Our toys help with that. Not only is it made from natural materials from real wood with organic dyes, it's also safe for the youngest children as it contains no small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Plus, they contain no harmful additives, but instead contain beeswax and botanical oils for a soft and polished end product. Wooden Story

Sensory toys are fun, spark your child's imagination and encourage a love of exploration. You will find a wide selection of the best toys!