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Featured Topics in International Road Transport


Compared to sea and air transportation methods, land transportation is among the most preferred transportation methods. Land transportation is the transportation of products from one place to another by road. Especially recently, the importance of international road transport has been increasing.

What is International Logistics?

Logistics is an integral part of companies that produce and distribute products and materials. It focuses on managing international logistics, import and export activities. The concept of international logistics also includes the concept of international road transport. International logistics aims to overcome the space and time distance between production and consumption. International logistics service refers to the process of coordinating and moving resources such as equipment, food, inventory, supplies and even people from one place to another. International logistics companies ensure that the right goods are transported to the right buyer, in the right quantity, at the right place and at the right time. Logistics helps create value. Providing value encompasses more than the quality of a product, it also refers to its availability. Effective logistics management ensures that products and materials are constantly available to consumers. In addition, logistics service helps to reduce costs and increase work efficiency. By partnering with other businesses that offer shipping and warehousing, companies can increase operational efficiency while reducing operational costs. In addition, good logistics management ensures fast and safe transportation, storage and delivery of products to customers. Logistics has five elements. It is possible to sort as follows:

  • Storage and material handling
  • Packaging and assembly
  • Inventory
  • Transport
  • Information and control

What is International Road Transport?

International road transport is the movement of people and goods from one country to another. The method of transporting goods and people from a particular country's borders to another country by sea, air or road is considered international transport. International logistics and transportation are among the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is the transportation of goods to various countries by using the road.

When you say what is international transport, you can see that it works around the world and goes beyond national borders. This transportation is carried out safely and quickly by international shipping companies. The mode and means of transport in international road transport largely depend on the timing of the goods to be shipped. In addition to international transportation and logistics services, international transportation companies also provide services related to insurance and customs procedures.

What are the Services Covered by International Road Transport?

Comprehensive consultancy on international road transport and logistics coordination

  • full container load,
  • Partial loading
  • Customs brokerage
  • freight insurance
  • Modern and technological storage
  • Special container services according to customers' request

One of the most important advantages of international road transport is that it offers a wide variety of routes to reach the delivery point. It also provides more flexibility when it is necessary to change the originally selected route for external reasons such as accident or waiting. In addition, international road transport enables door-to-door delivery of goods and materials and provides a very cost-effective means of transport, loading and unloading. Companies providing services in international road transport aim to provide fast, reliable, flexible, quality and affordable services.

Address of Reliable Service in International Road Transport

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