Price Increases Halved the Number of High-Speed ​​Train Passengers

Increases Halve the Number of High-Speed ​​Train Passengers
Price Increases Halved the Number of High-Speed ​​Train Passengers

The number of High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) passengers has almost halved in two years. While 2019 million people traveled by YHT in 8,2, this figure decreased to 2021 million in 4,3. Price increases in tariffs were effective in the decrease in travels.

Sözcüfrom Another Kaya according to the news; The hikes in the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) tariffs missed the passenger. The number of passengers, which was 2019 million 8 thousand in 274, decreased to 2021 million 4 thousand in 376. Falling to 2020 million 2 thousand passengers in 833 due to the virus epidemic, YHT could not achieve the expected increase in 2021, when the measures were lifted. Passenger numbers hit the lowest level in the last six years excluding the pandemic period. On the Ankara-Eskişehir line, which carried 2019 million 1 thousand passengers in 509, 2021 thousand passengers were carried in 453.

While 2019 million 2 thousand citizens boarded the YHTs between Ankara and Konya in 99, this number decreased to 2021 thousand in 780. On the other hand, 2019 million 3 thousand people used the Ankara-Istanbul line in 418, and 2021 million 2 thousand people in 254, again with a significant decrease.

Those who will set out are thinking brooding

CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Emir said, “The purchasing power has decreased. The hikes in train tickets also take away the right of transportation of our citizens,” he said. "People are brooding over their loved ones in other cities due to the economic crisis," Emir said.

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