A New Color for Marine Tourism in Ordu: The North Star

North Star, New Color for Marine Tourism in Ordu
New Color North Star for Marine Tourism in Ordu

Efforts to use the sea, which is an important part of tourism, continue without slowing down. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. With the boat production started by Mehmet Hilmi Güler to integrate Ordu with the sea, besides surfing, sailing and canoeing sports, the cruise ferry and sailing boat, which color the city tourism, have become an important part of the tourism sector.

Martyr Temel Şimşir, and the sailing boat Kuzey Yıldızı, which serves marine tourism, was introduced to tourism agencies in Ordu. In the organized program, tour operators and tourism agencies were informed about the routes and natural beauties to be visited on boat tours.


Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Celal Tezcan said that these projects are just the beginning in order to integrate with the sea.

Vice President Tezcan said:

“Our Honorable Minister, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. When Mehmet Hilmi Güler came to Ordu, he said to me, "Come, let's look at the sea from that window, we looked together." He said that even a fly does not fly over the sea. Why does this sea exist? God says the land and the sea are yours, use them all. He says go beyond what you can, whether it's the ground or the sky. But we love to watch, to look. For me, these things are the beginning, not the result. We, the municipality, the governor's office, other institutions, NGOs, universities, need to take Ordu as a whole. Then success comes. This is a start. In order to benefit from the blessing of the sea in order to use the sea, now follow the Metropolitan. Follow the work of the metropolitan in agriculture, tourism and all other steps and be with him, let's walk together, grow together and bring Ordu to the level it deserves together.”


Stating that the North Star Boat will provide added value to the region and tourism businesses, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Nihat Şen said, “Until now, Ordu, which has a coast to the sea, has never been this close to the sea. We used to watch the sea from afar. Ordu, with its nature, culture, art and sea, is truly one of the provinces that can set an example in Turkey. When we say surfing, you always think of Africa and Brazil, but with the efforts of our Mayor, Ordu has now become a surfing center. This project is one of the projects of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality that will provide added value to both the region and the tourism operators in tourism. We will not only bring Ordu people together with the sea with these and similar boats, but also have the opportunity to introduce our citizens and citizens who come to Ordu as tourists with half-day tours to the magnificent beauties and magnificent bays of Ordu."


Consultant Şen, who also gave information about the boat, continued his words as follows:

“The North Star will organize half and full-day flights every day, starting from the 3rd day of the holiday. We have 8 destination points on these flights. We will take off from Thursday when the weather is choppy, and we will take off from the pier today when the weather is suitable. When we depart from here, we will have 8 destination regions, first to Mersin Port, Hoynat Island, Gülyalı, and then to Cape Yason. As in Marmaris and Bodrum, our boat will anchor in some of our bays and we will provide the opportunity for our citizens who come to the boat to swim. In some places, our citizens will be able to go ashore and have the opportunity to taste and taste the local beauties of that region. Now we say that the Metropolitan and Ordu have made breakthroughs in the sea as well. Apart from that, our boat is at the service of all Ordu residents and businessmen for all kinds of organizations. We will serve the people of Ordu on this boat in all organizations from company meetings to engagement and circumcision. I'm calling out to the tour operators, this boat is yours, we will evaluate this boat together and show all the beauties of Ordu to our citizens. kazanWe will make an effort to increase it.”

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