Mitsubishi Electric Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Mitsubishi Electric Celebrates Its Third Anniversary
Mitsubishi Electric Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric is celebrating the 2012th anniversary of its official start of operations in Turkey in 10 in order to further strengthen its story that it started in our country with distributorships many years ago. Hosting many important executives from Japan and Europe in its 10th anniversary organization in Istanbul, the company established its air conditioning production base in Manisa, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Klima Sistemleri Üretim A.Ş. He also organized a visit to the factory.

It will continue its investments in Turkey, where it believes in its production power.

Kei Uruma, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, stated that they are proud of Mitsubishi Electric's pioneering work in Turkey in the last 10 years; “Our company, which is a world giant; It is making huge investments here, always relying on the potential, strategic location, young and dynamic population of Turkey, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Most importantly, we attach great importance to Turkey as a production base, and our investments continue rapidly in our factory, we create an export network extending from Turkey to the world. We will continue to implement and invest in projects that will add value to Turkey, where we believe in its production power.”

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Şevket Saraçoğlu stated that they are happy to continue their activities in Turkey as a century-old deep-rooted technology company and to celebrate their 10th anniversary; “As Mitsubishi Electric, we provide services in many areas in our country, from air conditioners to fresh air devices, from industrial automation systems to collaborative advanced robot technologies, from mechatronic CNC systems to elevators and escalators. Taking Mitsubishi Electric's deep-rooted innovation legacy as our guide, we strive to offer our business partners and consumers in Turkey the best with new generation technologies. We will continue to work with increasing momentum in the next 10 years in order to add new successes to our achievements, to move Turkey, which will be in a very important and strategic position for industrial companies and investors in the coming period, and to make our successes sustainable.”

The Turkish story of Mitsubishi Electric, which started its commercial activities in Japan in 1921, goes back many years through the distributors of the brand in both air conditioning and factory automation. Mitsubishi Electric, which started to sell elevators and escalators in 1988 with its company, which is now AG-MELCO, started to sell automation devices in Turkey in 1993 with the distributorship of factory automation systems. In 2004, it sold air conditioners with the distributorship of air conditioners. The technology giant, which established Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Electric Products Inc. in 2012 in order to provide better service to its customers, opened a new page in the story between the two countries. Today, the company, completing its 10th year in Turkey, continues to make its mark on numerous successes and giant projects.

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