Common Misconceptions about Cholesterol

Known Misconceptions About Cholesterol
Common Misconceptions about Cholesterol

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Mehmet Akif Öztürk argued that the society still does not have enough information about cholesterol. Internal Medicine specialist Dr. According to Öztürk, although the cholesterol level is around 30 percent in Turkey, it is ignored because it is not known enough. Many people learn about this by chance when their cholesterol levels are high in a simple blood test at the health center.

Internal Medicine specialist Mehmet Akif Öztürk listed the right and wrong about cholesterol as follows:

“High LDL cholesterol causes changes in the vessel wall over time, causing damage to the target organ wherever it is. For example, it can cause a heart attack or stroke by blocking the cerebral arteries. Again, with high triglyceride levels, there is a risk of pancreatic inflammation. In conclusion, it should not be forgotten that high cholesterol has direct and indirect effects on loss of life. High cholesterol in particular puts men at higher risk for problems such as heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Smoking has nothing to do with high cholesterol

The truth: “If a person both has high cholesterol and is a smoker, it increases the risk of diseases. Therefore, although smoking does not have a direct cholesterol-increasing effect, the combination of the two factors increases the risk.

People with a healthy weight do not have high cholesterol

The truth: Although some people with normal weight have high cholesterol levels, some people who are overweight can also have normal cholesterol levels. However, it should not be forgotten that being overweight together with high cholesterol can pose a risk for many diseases. Therefore, a healthy weight should be maintained by eating a balanced diet.

My cholesterol is not high because I have no symptoms

The truth: Therefore, the idea that we do not have cholesterol because we have no symptoms is not a correct approach. For this reason, cholesterol should be checked at regular check-ups before symptoms appear.”

I do not eat meat, cholesterol does not rise

The truth: “There is no doubt that meat products are products with high cholesterol content, but if you have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol, your cholesterol values ​​may be high even if you pay attention to your diet. The idea that I do not consume meat, so I do not have a cholesterol problem is not correct.

Target cholesterol values ​​are the same for everyone

The truth: Target cholesterol values ​​are not the same for everyone. For example, lower values ​​are targeted for individuals with established heart disease or diabetes patients, while target cholesterol values ​​are higher for people who are completely healthy and only have high cholesterol. Therefore, target values ​​and treatment approach when necessary are different for everyone.

Once cholesterol rises, it is difficult to lower it again.

The truth: Especially healthy diet and physical activity are the leading lifestyle changes to be made. If target values ​​cannot be reached in this way, we try to lower cholesterol with drug therapy.

Since I take medication, my cholesterol is under control, so I don't have to pay attention to what I eat.

Fact: Cholesterol treatment cannot be sustained by drug therapy alone. Lifestyle changes and drug therapy should be carried out together. Even if medication is used, foods with high cholesterol content should be excluded from the daily diet. Apart from that, physical activity has additional benefits.

Cholesterol is harmful to the body

The truth: It is highly present in our brain tissue. Therefore, we cannot say that cholesterol is completely harmful. What matters to us is the cholesterol levels in the circulation rather than the amount of cholesterol in the tissues. The risk for diseases begins when circulating free cholesterol is not within the desired ranges.

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