Ministry of Internal Affairs to Recruit 100 District Governor Candidates

Ministry of Workers
ministry of interior

100 (one hundred) district governor candidates will be recruited for the Civil Administration Services Class of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

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Application Conditions for the Exam

International relations, political science, public administration, economics, business, finance and finance, sociology, public relations and publicity, psychology departments of the faculties of foreign universities providing at least four-year undergraduate education, provided that the diploma equivalency of the domestic universities or the equivalence of the diploma is approved by the Higher Education Council or this Having graduated from other departments or law faculties that have at least eighty percent of the courses in the curriculum of any of the departments or;

Having at least a four-year undergraduate education in the social sciences, engineering faculties and history departments of universities, and a postgraduate education in international relations, political science, public administration, law and economics.

Candidate district governor candidates who have not graduated from the departments mentioned above; Submit a certificate of equivalence from the Council of Higher Education stating that the curriculum of the departments they graduated from has eighty percent of the curriculum of the said departments, and the notarized diploma copies of the candidate district governors who have graduated education or the official documents showing their graduation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with other documents during the submission of documents for the interview. they have to.  To have the conditions set forth in Articles 1700 and 2 / A of the Internal Affairs Officers Law No. 2, Article 657 / A of the DMK No. 48, Article 1 / A of the Presidential Decree No. 274 on the Presidential Organization, and Article 5 of the District Governor Candidates Regulation.

To be under the age of 01 as of 2022 January 35 (born on 01.01.1987 and later).

Not having any military service; Having completed, postponed military service or transferred to the reserve class.

Exam Date and Duration

The exam will be held on 18 September 2022 in Ankara (062 Ankara-Çankaya/067 Ankara-Yenimahalle). The exam will start at 10.15:10.00 am. Candidates will not be admitted to the exam halls after XNUMX:XNUMX.

The number of questions to be asked in the exam and the response time; It will be 100 minutes (150 hours) for 2,5 questions.

Announcement of the Exam and Receiving Applications

Candidates will submit their applications individually between 02-09 August 2022 via the internet (with their TR ID numbers and candidate passwords from ÖSYM's ​​internet address) or mobile applications or an application center of their choice, and they will complete their application by paying the exam fee. The late application day is 17 August 2022.

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