The choice of profession should be left to the child's choice

The choice of profession should be left to the child's choice
The choice of profession should be left to the child's choice

📩 25/07/2022 16:03

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist Elvin Akı Konuk gave important advice to parents, just days before the start of the YKS official preference period.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Elvin Akı Konuk said that just as the university entrance exam is important and worrying for young people and their families, the preference period that shapes the future of young people after the results are announced also causes an increase in anxiety and stress. The guest continued:

“Parents have a great role in managing children's anxiety and stress during their choice of university and profession. Showing that you stand behind and support every choice he makes will not only enable him to make more comfortable and realistic choices, but also guide the young person to the right choice. In some cases, parents want to realize their dreams through their children. Instead of leaving the choice of profession to the child's choice and desire, directing them to the professions they wanted but could not do in their youth will lead young people to irreparable problems and failure in the future. Therefore, it is important to support the choices they make in line with their wishes, interests and abilities. Parents should not make decisions for their children. While supporting their career choices, they need to guide their personality traits, taking into account their interests, abilities and most importantly, their wishes.

The child, who knows that his family is behind him in the choices he makes and in the positive or negative consequences he experiences, both feel more comfortable and his self-confidence is supported. In addition, criticisms of children with negative exam results, comparisons with others, negative and pessimistic comments about their future, and approaches that will lower their self-confidence will negatively affect the child's feelings, motivation and family relationships. Instead, the child's feelings and thoughts about the exam result should be listened to, it should be explained that success does not depend on a single exam, and ideas should be exchanged about what can be done in the next process. It should not be forgotten that the success of a single exam does not indicate the success of the child in life.”

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Elvin Akı Konuk stated that children who grow up in a family environment where they are given the opportunity to take and fulfill their own responsibilities, can continue their life in another city and continue their education life. It should be decided whether it is suitable for social characteristics and social characteristics, and children should be asked about their thoughts and wishes. If a university outside the city is being considered, it would be beneficial to choose not only the quality of education of the university and the department, but also the economic, social and cultural factors of the city to which it will go.” he said.

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