Maritime Festivals Started with Breathtaking Shows at Caddebostan Beach

Maritime Festivals Started with Breathtaking Performances at Caddebostan Beach
Maritime Festivals Started with Breathtaking Shows at Caddebostan Beach

The 'Maritime Festivals' organized by IMM started with breathtaking shows on Caddebostan Beach. The search and rescue team of the İBB Fire Department dived under the water this time to unfurl the Turkish Flag with the Crescent and Star. Istanbulites who filled the beach watched this impressive moment live on the screen. World backflip record holder Kahraman Aktaş's gravity-defying flyboard show was watched with excitement. In the oil pole races, one of Turkey's most traditional competitions, the competition was at a high level. The competitor, who left his opponents behind and reached the flag at the end of the pole, was rewarded with full gold.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) celebrates the 1st of July Maritime and Cabotage Day with events that will last for 3 days on the beaches, beaches and squares of the city. Within the scope of the programs where the biggest, most enthusiastic and colorful celebrations are prepared to date, 1 concerts, 2 talks, sports activities, dance performances, workshops and film screenings are held at 3 different points on 35-34-26 July. The detailed program of the festivities, which Istanbul residents can attend free of charge, can be accessed atği/.


The first day of the Maritime Festival started with shows that were watched breathlessly on Caddebostan Beach. IMM Fire Brigade teams, working fearlessly for human life in disasters experienced by Istanbul and Turkey, displayed their skills this time at Caddebostan Beach. Saving lives in search and rescue missions, the team dived under the sea this time to display the Turkish Flag. Istanbulites followed this breathtaking moment with interest on two screens set up on the beach.


After the İBB Fire Department, a world record holder, Kahraman Aktaş, appeared on the stage in the cool waters of Marmara. The show of Aktaş, who did not know any rivals in the backflip branch, was watched with breath-holding. The record-breaking athlete almost defied gravity with his salvos and aesthetic maneuvers in the air. Champion, IMM President who came to watch the shows Ekrem İmamoğluHe greeted him by giving him the Turkish Flag.


Oil pole competitions, one of Turkey's traditional races, were the scene of entertaining scenes on Caddebostan Beach. In the races where the prize is full gold, tourists who come to watch the shows, as well as Istanbulites, climbed the 14-meter pole to reach the flag.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHasan Gümüş, who said that he participated in the competition at the request of his child, became the winner of the competition, in which . Silver awarded with full gold, half gold with 2nd rank kazanmoment Bendar Aziz Acar and a quarter of gold kazan3rd Beytullah Yörük followed suit.

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