Mansur Yavaş Visited Kesikköprü Summer Camp

Mansur Yavas Visited Kesikkopru Summer Camp
Mansur Yavaş Visited Kesikköprü Summer Camp

📩 26/07/2022 15:46

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) prioritizes equality of opportunity in education with 'student-friendly' practices and continues to implement projects where students from the Capital can lead a more productive and more enjoyable education life during the summer break.

The "Kesikköprü English Language Village Project", organized in cooperation with the Seda Yekeler Education Foundation (SEYEV) and under the coordination of the Department of Women and Family Services, was implemented. The first group of 12 students between the ages of 16 and 230 settled in the free English summer camp.

ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who showed great interest in Kesikköprü English Holiday Camp, did not leave the children alone on their first day and toured the classrooms one by one, and addressed the students with the following words:

“I hope you will have a great day here. You will all learn English. In the evening, there will be activities, you will watch movies, you will improve yourself. I hope those who see you will want to come here more as you go and tell them. Of course, we want to expand this business even more. Language is very important… I know very well the foundation that trained you and made an agreement with you. They are not here to teach languages. They are here to make you a language owner. They have the following principles; They say 'language is not learned, language is acquired'. So when you come back from here, you will all take one more English language with you. Then of course, they will definitely inform you, they will also show you the ways to practice on the internet, speak English and gain experience on top of what you will gain here. Also, all of you have mobile phones and they also have applications for you to improve your English. If you continue with this, you will learn the foreign language faster than your other friends. I wish you all success. I hope we will meet again on our return and talk to each other in English together. I am also trying to learn English with you. French was common in our childhood. They tried to teach French. English has become my additional language. I am also trying to improve myself. Send my very best regards and love to your families. I wish you a good day. I hope you will have unforgettable days and a beautiful camp that you will tell your own children in the future. I kiss all your eyes."

Students are satisfied with the project

230 female students in the first group settled in the summer camp will spend 15 days on vacation by participating in various sports activities and socializing, and they will host 2 girls and 1 boy group separately at the camp until 3 September in groups of three.

September Efsa Ozer: “We really have a lot of fun here. I took an English class. It was really enjoyable. We also do various sports branches. It is a beautiful place, I am very happy.”

Beril Rana Goren: “I have a lot of fun and make new friends. We are actually socializing here. This is a beautiful place.”

Nevra Cakmak: “We are learning gymnastics and basketball. We are making new friends.”

In the camp, which is 100 meters from the Bala Kesikköprü Dam Lake and built on a total area of ​​62 decares; There are 46 bungalow houses, dining hall, multi-purpose hall, administrative building, swimming pool, sitting camellias and football, basketball, volleyball courts, tennis court and infirmary. In order to contribute to language education, many written warnings are also available in English at the camp.

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