How to Calculate Retirement Increase Percentage?

How to Calculate Retirement Increase Percentage
How to Calculate Retirement Increase Percentage

Citizens are wondering how the percentage is calculated in order to calculate the new salaries they will receive according to the newly applied increase rate. On the subject "How to calculate salary with 42,35 percent increase?" questions began to be questioned. So how is the percentage calculated?

How is the percentage calculation done?

The percentage calculation process is wondered by the citizens. The method in question is the process of revealing a part of a fixed amount that has been determined. A number of formulas are used to perform this process, which is used when calculating the salary.

Revealing the percentage of a given amount is known as a percentage calculation. There are multiple formulas to make this calculation, which is frequently encountered in daily life. If x% of an amount such as A is desired to be calculated in the percentage calculation, the number of A is multiplied by the number x and then divided by one hundred. With this process, the percentage calculation is made. The percentage of which number will be taken should be processed on that number.

To find %B of A number, the formula (AxB)/100 can be used. Apart from that, the same result can be obtained by dividing A by 100 and multiplying by B.

For example, to calculate 300 percent of 50, it is necessary to multiply 300 by 50 and then divide by 100.

300 50 × = 15000

The result is 15000/100=150.

How much was the pension increase?

Officer and pension July 2022 rates were determined. According to the decision taken, with the increase in the pension and civil servant salaries, where an increase of at least 2 thousand 500 TL will be made, the lowest civil servant salary, which was at the level of 6 thousand 500 TL, will have increased to 9 thousand TL. In June, inflation was 78.62 percent annually and 4,95 percent monthly. Again, the highly anticipated 6-month change was 42,35%. With this result, SGK and Bağ-Kur retirees deserved a 42,35% raise.

What was the minimum wage?

The minimum wage was announced as 30 TL with an additional increase of 5500%.

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