How Many Days Is The Coronavirus Isolation and Contact Quarantine Period?

How Many Days of Coronavirus Isolation and Contact Quarantine Period
How Many Days of Coronavirus Isolation and Contact Quarantine Period

After the Scientific Committee meeting held in the past months from the Ministry of Health, a last-minute statement was made regarding the quarantine periods. After the quarantine period was reduced to 5 days in many countries of the world, the Ministry of Health also updated the coronavirus quarantine period in Turkey.

A new decision was taken at the Scientific Committee Meeting in the past months for the coronavirus quarantine period. The quarantine period, which was previously 14 days for close contacts of coronavirus patients, was updated to 10 days. Now this period has been reduced even further. While reimposing containment measures such as mandatory masks to control infections and protect hospitals, some European countries such as the UK, Spain, Ireland, France and Greece have also shortened isolation times for infected people.

How many days is the coronavirus quarantine period?

The Ministry of Health made an update during the coronavirus quarantine period. It was decided that it would be appropriate to rearrange the quarantine periods considering the current conditions. Quarantine period of positive cases was determined as 7 days. The quarantine period ends for people who show mild or no symptoms after the 7th day. If positive cases take the test on the 5th day and the test result turns negative, the quarantine period ends.

How many days is the quarantine in contact and unvaccinated people?

Contact persons are not quarantined if they have received the reminder dose vaccination or have had the disease in the last 3 months. He continues his daily life with the use of mask by following the symptoms. Unvaccinated or contact persons who have passed 3 months after the reminder dose are quarantined for 7 days. Symptom monitoring is done. People who have a negative test on the 5th day can end the quarantine early.

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