By Integrating Technology on Site, Hilti Improves Productivity by Optimizing Construction Processes

Hilti Improves Productivity by Optimizing Construction Processes by Integrating Technology into Fields
By Integrating Technology on Site, Hilti Improves Productivity by Optimizing Construction Processes

It is difficult to be productive and make it sustainable in construction projects that involve many complex and not easy processes. Unplanned costs, inefficient processes and a lack of skilled labor often cause delays in projects. Hilti, the solution partner of the construction industry, offers software, services and products designed to help complete building projects on time and flawlessly at every stage from design to construction site. Mentoring how to overcome common challenges in engineering processes, on site and beyond, the company also increases productivity.

Hilti, the strong representative of the construction technologies industry, continues its efforts without slowing down so that the industry does not remain indifferent to this change in the new century, where technology makes every stage of our lives easier. The company, which is a niche partner for its customers, aims to take the construction industry one step further with the solutions it offers for different needs.

Integrating technology into the fields

Believing that advanced technologies will be one of the main drivers of construction efficiency in the coming years, Hilti integrates technology into construction sites with its innovative solutions. Responding to the needs of modern construction sites with its wide range of products, from the Jaibot drilling robot for the installation of modular duct systems to advanced measuring systems based on digital plans and providing fast one-man site layout, the company offers solutions that will facilitate the work of construction professionals. One of them is Hilti ON!Track Ready… This application provides users with the opportunity to track the status of all their equipment from their phones whenever and wherever they want.

Leading the digitalization in the construction industry, Hilti offers an end-to-end digital experience not only with its innovative technologies but also with its digital platforms. With the e-procurement service it offers, customers can place orders automatically and make their payments securely and quickly through the online collection Customers can find answers to all their questions as soon as possible on the engineering platform ASK HILTI, and they can watch webinars and read articles on their interests. Hilti solutions are designed to be easy to use for the unskilled while boosting the performance of professional teams, but also include a wide range of training and certification courses to help employees keep their skills up to date.

Offers integrated solutions for faster workflows

Outdated methods and equipment can cause project deadlines to be delayed and more work to be done. The inability of construction professionals to have the tools and equipment they need can lead to long downtime, higher costs and even penalties. Combining artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art hand tools, quality attachments and accessories, high-performance Hilti systems provide the conditions for speeding up construction workflows, reducing repair time and avoiding duplicate work. Hilti, which stands by its business partners in excellent product availability, flexible delivery options and fast repair services, offers expert service in different fields with its sales representatives and customer service team as well as field representatives.

Digital transformation in projects and construction sites with BIM and engineering solutions

Answering the changing technological needs of the industry with the solutions it offers in the BIM approach and PROFIS software, Hilti automates complex calculations and minimizes the need for detailed engineering expertise, thanks to PROFIS Engineering, the cloud-based software developed for anchor application designs. PROFIS Engineering, which creates the necessary roadmap for CAD / BIM models of anchors and base plates, accelerates the processes as a digital solution partner of construction sites. kazanyelling. The company, which supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) applications, which creates a 3-dimensional information sharing about the entire process of the project, with the solutions it offers, offers an advanced BIM / CAD library specific to BIM, which ensures that data tracking in business processes is maintained without error. Quickly finding important product information, including technical manuals, approvals, test reports, specification texts and BIM/CAD resources, is available on Hilti's website.

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