High-Speed ​​Train or Metro Between Adana and Mersin Gives Cukurova Acceleration

Between Adana and Mersin High Speed ​​​​Train Or Metro Cukurova Gains Acceleration
High-Speed ​​Train or Metro Between Adana and Mersin Gives Cukurova Acceleration

CUKUROVA SIFED, Governor of Adana Dr. After Süleyman Elban, he also met with Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Kaya. Winter said, "Adana and Mersin have the same fate, they will develop together."

Çukurova Industry and Business Federation (ÇUKUROVA SIFED) Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Winter noted that the high-speed train or metro line that will connect Adana and Mersin, which share a common socio-cultural and economic fate, is of great importance. President Winter, who spoke during his visit to Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan with the Members of the Board of Directors within the scope of his works, said that CUKUROVA SIFED is working for the development and development of Adana and Mersin, and to contribute to the creation of regional, sectoral and national economic policies as the common voice of the business world. He said that it was a federation established for


During the meeting with the Governor Pehlivan, the subjects of 'Automotive Village Project', 'Regional Airport', 'Çeşmeli-Kız Castle Highway Project', 'Tarsus-Kazanlı Tourism Project' were discussed, and that a high-speed train or metro project that will connect Adana and Mersin was put into practice. Emphasizing that Çukurova will gain momentum in the event that it is passed, Mayor Winter also talked about the idea of ​​'Çukurova Fairground', which will be used jointly by the two cities. Expressing the importance of realizing a satellite project specific to the region in order to provide more efficient transportation to tourism regions such as “Kızkalesi, Cennet-Hell” on the west side of Mersin, President Hüseyin Winter said, “The port city of Mersin has a wider Organized Industrial Zone. obviously needed. Everyone will see the synergy that will arise from the merging of the power of the two cities in the cultural, artistic and sportive activities of Adana and Mersin.”


Expressing that the Orange Blossom Carnival can be brought to wider audiences under the name Çukurova, Chairman Hüseyin Kuş said, “A new project can be implemented under the name 'Çukurova Music Festival'. We believe that the problems can be solved with new projects, as important institutions and organizations such as Çukurova Development Agency, State Hydraulic Works and Regional Directorate of Highways approach the problems of the two cities more sensitively and solution-oriented.”

Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, who listened carefully to President Hüseyin Winter and drew attention to his dominance on the issues, emphasized that solutions could be sought together.

ÇUKUROVA SIFED Deputy Chairman Ahmet Polat, Vice President Mürüvet Beydağı, Treasurer Fevzi Poyraz, Chairman of the Committees Ayferi Tuğcu and Board Members Coşkun Doğmuş, Selahattin Balkan, Sibel Gelbul and Ziya Çokgünlü also attended the visit.

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  1. First Mersin Adana Then Mersin Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep and Iskenderun. It will be the most suitable routes for domestically produced HT. also by cooperating with antalya. Even Anamur, Alanya and Antalya can be added to the system via the fast sea route from Mersin. Even Mersin magosa connection can be added.