GSK Turkey Held Health Systems Workshop

GSK Turkey Health Systems Organized Workshop
GSK Turkey Held Health Systems Workshop

GSK Turkey's Harvard University Global Health Systems Director Prof. Dr. Representatives of important institutions in Turkey in the field of health and technology were hosted at the Health Systems Workshop organized with the participation of Rıfat Atun.

Innovative approaches and digital health solutions for better health outcomes were discussed in the workshop, which focused on COPD and asthma diseases.

GSK Turkey organized the Health Systems Workshop at Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent with the participation of various stakeholders from the health sector between 30 June-1 July. The current situation of the Turkish health system and the transformation of health systems with digitalization were discussed in the workshop, which focused on COPD and asthma diseases.

While evaluating the performance of the health system in Turkey during the workshop; The increasing burden of post-pandemic COPD and asthma on individuals and health economics was also addressed. During the two-day workshop, it was concluded that artificial intelligence and digital solutions could be used more effectively in these areas as a result of the exchange of ideas on the health solutions of the future.

In the evaluations made within the scope of the workshop, it was emphasized that Turkey is not at the desired level among other OECD countries in terms of the performance of the health system; Starting from asthma and COPD, it was discussed how to achieve better health outcomes in all chronic diseases.

Participating as the guest of honor at the workshop hosted by GSK Turkey, Harvard University Global Health Systems Professor and Harvard University Health Systems Innovation Laboratory Director Prof. Dr. Rıfat Atun also moderated the panel and keynote presentation that took place throughout the event. In the panel on the digital ecosystem in health moderated by Atun, Turkey Technology Development Foundation Secretary General Advisor Evren Bübülmez, RedIS Innovation Founder Selin Arslanhan, Albert Health Co-founder and CEO Serdar Gemici, McKinsey & Company / Life Sciences Manager Ali Üstün and Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative Strategist Jülide Karagöz took part as a panelist. In addition, Zehra Çataltepe, the founder of Tazi, who participated in the workshop as a keynote speaker, discussed global trends in digital health and patient-oriented solutions for chronic disease management.

Stating that he was very happy to be invited to the workshop, Prof. Dr. Rıfat Atun said: “Asthma and COPD, which bring a great economic burden, rank third among all diseases in Turkey in terms of disease burden and mortality. The workshop and panel that I directed for two days were both very valuable in terms of developing transformational solutions for better health outcomes in these two diseases, which are of great importance for public health in Turkey, and improving the health system in the country. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this workshop.”

GSK Turkey General Manager Selim Giray also stated that they will be able to support the entrepreneurs leaving Turkey in the field of health in the future periods of this journey they started with an innovative stance and said, “As GSK Turkey, it is our top priority to benefit public health by bringing together all relevant stakeholders in the treatment areas in which we operate and developing innovative solutions. . Events like these, which we organize in this direction, are very valuable in terms of identifying problems, suggesting transformational solutions, establishing coalitions, and planning actions that will bring change with a holistic approach. Our very esteemed scientist Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Rıfat Atun for his valuable participation and moderation of our panels. I hope that our workshop will lead to important collaborations on behalf of the Turkish healthcare industry, and I would like to say that as GSK Turkey, we are always ready to support our entrepreneurs in this field.” he said.

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