Game and Application Academy Gives Its First Graduates

Game and Application Academy Gives Its First Graduates
Game and Application Academy Gives Its First Graduates

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that 34 thousand young people from all over the country applied to the Game and Application Academy.

Varank sent a video message to the graduation ceremony of the Game and Application Academy, which was implemented in cooperation with Google Turkey, Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Enterprise Center, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidency Digital Transformation Office. In his message, Minister Varank stated that countries that develop new policy sets in order to adapt to the changing and digitalizing world are turning to online trainings and mixed trainings where online and face-to-face training are combined.


Noting that the Game and Application Academy, which has been brought to life, is one of the remarkable examples in the digitalized world, Varank said, “81 thousand young people from 34 provinces applied to take part in this training marathon. 34 thousand applications show the technology excitement of young people. We wish that more of our young people could find a place in the Academy, but this year, 2 of our young people had the opportunity to receive more than 400 hours of training.” used the phrase.


Noting that the aim of the academy is not only to teach coding and application development to young people, Varank emphasized that it is something completely different to implement what has been learned and to be an entrepreneur and maintain it.


In this context, Varank stated that during the 7-month training, young people learned how to initiate, plan and execute projects as well as game and application development trainings. He learned these. In the last stage of the training, they were included in the Bootcamp so that they could develop their own games or applications.” made its assessment.


Pointing out that the stakeholders of the academy will give various awards to the young people who put effort and perseverance in 7 months, Varank said, “The 14 teams selected by the preliminary jury during the bootcamp process, from the T3 Enterprise Center and Entrepreneurship Foundation, have the right to an investment meeting under certain conditions. kazanwill ache. Network support will be provided by the Entrepreneurship Foundation. Technology startup support package GBox will be given. In addition, the first 14 teams selected from these 3 teams are entitled to receive mentorship support from the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation, as well as the San Francisco ecosystem tour. kazanit will hurt.” said.


Minister Varank accelerated the software industry kazanPointing out that the way to work is to have an army of qualified software developers, he noted that there are over 6,5 million Asian software engineers in the world today. Explaining that Germany has 900 thousand software engineers, the USA has 700 thousand and the United Kingdom has 400 thousand software engineers, Varank drew attention to the fact that the number of software engineers in the European Union is approaching 2 million.


Noting that as Turkey, they have made many breakthroughs to advance towards the goal of software developers, Varank said, “We have established the Turkey Open Source Platform, of which dozens of institutions and organizations, including Google, are members. We carry out employment-oriented projects with the Acceleration Program for Reducing the Skills Gap, which runs under the umbrella of the platform. We train software developers in 42 Istanbul and 42 Kocaeli schools, which we have established, with the method of learning on their own and from each other. We teach coding to our young children at the Experimental Technology Workshops that we spread all over Turkey. We encourage curious inventors of all ages to develop projects with awards, with the competitions we organize as part of TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival. We offer many opportunities to our young software developers in technology development regions with research and development infrastructures.” he said.


Stating that these opportunities and the investments made bear fruit in the process, Varank stated that while there was not a single unicorn that reached a valuation of 2 billion dollars 1 years ago, 6 unicorns have been reached today. Pointing out that especially game companies play a leading role in Turkey's rapid exit, Varank said that Peak Games and Dream Games companies are among the most valuable companies in Turkey with the investments they have received.


Stating that the successes in the software industry, especially the game industry, are increasing day by day, Varank said, “Start-up investments, which were 2020 million dollars in 148, increased 2021 times to 10 billion 1 million liras in 552. There are great achievements, and beyond that, much more investment than in the past. We are no longer expecting unicorns that have reached a billion-dollar valuation, but decacorns that have reached a valuation of 10 billion dollars.” made its assessment.

Expressing that the Game and Application Academy will be together with the youth next year, Varank added that the country's software army will continue to expand by making use of the Academy in this context.

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