Electric Vehicle Charging Station at 5 Different Points in Şanlıurfa

Electric Vehicle Charging Station to Different Points in Sanliurfa
Electric Vehicle Charging Station at 5 Different Points in Şanlıurfa

Charging stations were established at 5 different points in Şanlıurfa for the increasing number of electric cars. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which took action due to the rapid increase in the rate of electric vehicle use throughout the country with the developing technology, established electric vehicle charging stations at 5 different points in the city.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Smart Urban Planning and Innovation Directorate, Support Services Department, SANBEL Enerji A.Ş. Within the scope of the protocol signed between ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions) and ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions), 2 5kW vehicle charging stations with a capacity of 10 vehicles were installed in a total of 2 facilities, 22 at each point.

Anticipating that the increasing use of electric vehicles throughout the country will increase the need for vehicle charging stations, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to ensure that vehicles with low carbon emissions are widespread in the city with the application it has implemented.

Facilities with charging stations

With the vehicle charging stations established by the Metropolitan Municipality in Sakıpın Köşkü Social Facilities, Cumhuriyet Park Social Facilities, GAP Valley Recreation Area, Football World, Exhibition Center areas, charging units with AC normal charging technology, the charging time of the vehicles will be around 5 hours depending on the battery capacity. .

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality also continues its efforts to establish electric vehicle charging stations in districts and different points of the city.

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