E-Commerce Market Runs To $6 Trillion


While digitalization transforms retail, it also increases the wind of e-commerce. Data released by Morgan Stanley indicate that the e-commerce market, which is worth $3,3 trillion today, will reach the $2026 trillion mark in 5,4 and will constitute 27% of retail sales. While a wide range of sellers meet the consumers in the growing market, the expectations of the buyers from the brands are increasing at the same rate. While 94% of consumers who want to take advantage of all the possibilities of online purchasing request customer support with advanced technology infrastructure from companies, many of the consumers who receive service below their expectations leave the site before completing their shopping.

While companies that want to enter e-commerce and have difficulties in the face of ever-changing customer experience are looking for ways to be visible in digital with easy-to-use, functional infrastructure software, domestic e-commerce software company VikaOn enables companies to access global markets by sharing their e-commerce adventure.

The new dynamic of the business world: E-commerce!

Stating that e-commerce and e-export are the new dynamics of today's business world, VikaOn Founder Batuhan Yelçi evaluated the issue with the following words: “With the spread of digitalization, traditional consumer habits are shifting to online platforms, and customers' expectations from brands are increasing at the same rate. Because consumers, who encounter a wide network of vendors, prefer companies that offer the most suitable products to meet their needs and enable them to complete the shopping process in a practical way. Therefore, e-commerce can be costly and difficult for companies, contrary to popular belief.”

“We strengthen the e-muscles of companies”

Batuhan Yelçi pointed out that the way for companies to increase their sales and improve customer experience through e-commerce is to create a functional management panel and gain visibility with original content in many channels simultaneously, and said, “Companies that have difficulty in the face of constantly changing customer experience and want to operate in the field of e-commerce seeks solutions to achieve success. By offering holistic solutions in many areas from functional software to advertising, from social media management to photography and graphics, we partner in the adventures of companies to strengthen their muscles in e-commerce and e-export. Thanks to the services we provide at affordable prices, we eliminate the risk of the challenges of the digital world getting in the way of companies.”

Domestic integration service in global marketplaces

Stating that they have signed long-term projects to help companies turn all possibilities of e-commerce into advantage with their solutions and services, VikaOn Founder Batuhan Yelçi also gave information about other services: “Digital marketplaces are the locomotive of companies' growth. We also offer services in the field of marketplace integration and management to companies that want to grow in local and international markets by applying these opportunities to their business models. With our products that can be completed with basic steps and have a simple use with the latest technology, we become the companions of companies in the field of e-commerce and e-export.”