Delayed Speech Could Be the First Sign of Autism

Delayed Speech Could Be the First Sign of Autism
Delayed Speech Could Be the First Sign of Autism

Üsküdar University Founding Rector, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan made an assessment about autism. Stating that autism, also called autism spectrum disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disease, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said that the disease is seen with a wide range of different features.

Poor emotional literacy

Stating that although the individual is very intelligent in Asperger's syndrome, his social relations are very weak, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, “In Asperger's Syndrome, the logical intelligence of the person is very high. Two months later, he immediately calculates and says what day the 28th of the month falls on, but he sits down with someone. sohbet can't, can't speak. Everyone laughs and jokes, he cannot understand and laugh, he cannot participate. Emotional literacy is poor. This theory of mind exists only in humans. Not in other creatures.

We call this the metacognitive gene, the supramental gene. This supramental gene produces theory of mind, theory theory, makes sense, interprets, reacts. Since this basic feature that makes people human is not found in individuals with autism, autism is also considered as an advanced genetic disorder.” said.

Noting that the studies have shown that 10-15% of autism is genetic, 70-80% of it develops afterwards. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “There are two types of genetic factors in autism. Cases, one of which is 100% genetic, that is, a cosative gene. Because of this gene, a person inevitably becomes autistic. But there are also those who have autism susceptibility gene. If these people are wrongly educated, found in the wrong environment, and if their family and social environment is not healthy, autism begins to emerge in these children. Because there is a gene for susceptibility to autism. We can compare this to the following example. Someone who has the cosative gene for lung cancer starts cancer when they reach the age of 40, even if they don't smoke. If a person has a susceptibility gene and does not smoke, that person does not get cancer because that gene is not activated. 80-90% of lung cancer is genome activity, that is, it is genetic and related to susceptibility gene.

A child with autism can walk on time. For example, 1 year old walks, but delayed speech appears. The child cannot learn sociability and emotionality. He can't laugh when everyone else laughs. Emotional transfer is not possible. Can't make eye contact. His brain is more interested in things that are easy to learn. For example, when you hold a child with advanced autism in your arms, it is like a box and does not react. But a healthy child can easily form a relationship. If the child cannot make eye contact, cannot respond to emotions, cannot respond to the smiles of the parents, it is necessary to suspect autism. Autism can be caught even at the age of 1 year. If the child has delayed speech, it is usually caught at the age of 3-4 years. There are other early symptoms other than delayed speech.” made statements.

Referring to the booklet prepared by the Ministry of Health on autism, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “A very successful work, I would like to thank those who contributed. This will be a very useful booklet. Families can download and review it from the Ministry of Health website about early diagnosis. There is a lot of good information out there.” he said.

Learned autism is on the rise

Noting that the risk of a child's autism has increased compared to previous years, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan continued as follows:

“In recent years, it has increased 200% according to official statistics. It is learned autism, not autism that is incrementally genetic. A person does not normally become autistic, but because family ties are weak, social learning is weak, emotional learning is weak, and there is one-way learning, the child is only successful in a certain area. It fails in other areas. He is isolated in isolation. And right now, social isolation and loneliness is a disease of humanity, of youth. Autism is actually a disease of introversion and loneliness. The autistic person lives in a different world, in a separate life. It is enough to meet their basic needs, the autistic person does not look for anything else.

It can occur if there is a very advanced stimulus deprivation in those who do not have the susceptibility gene. For example, wild children in the forests are thought to be autistic when they are first found. Because they do not experience human interaction, there is no social learning. The biggest cure for autism is social contact. One-to-one training makes up for the deficiencies, but the person's social and physical contact is very important. The concept of social media is misused. In fact, social media is virtual media, not social media. There is no sociability there. There is only a virtual meeting. To be social, it has to be face to face, people have to touch each other. The same is true for the child. The child needs to run, play, have fun.

The unconscious use of technology leads the child to social isolation. It's one-way learning. The first symptom of learned autism is delayed speech, which is known as clip syndrome in popular psychiatry. In the clip syndrome, the child is exposed to a one-way message. Usually a music channel is on and the child watches the constantly rotating clips. The child does not make any effort. No hassle and no learning. There is only fun. The child is immersed in it. That's why we call it cheap caregiver. The mother gives the child the tablet or smartphone or turns on the television. The child is experiencing one-way exposure. His brain takes only visual perception. SözcüSince the child does not feel the need to produce k, that area of ​​the brain atrophies because he does not feel the need to speak. We fixed it until the age of 4, we fixed it, we didn't fix it, then the brain turns itself off. After that it becomes very difficult to learn. It happens with a lot of special effort and training.

Specifically, our relationship with technology is part of our social relationship. If our relationship with technology is not healthy, we make our children candidates for autism. We can definitely say this very clearly. Giving our children a phone or tablet and leaving them alone, especially between the ages of 0-3, makes them candidates for autism. Emotional neglect harms the child.”

"The child cannot learn about life unless he communicates," said Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “Because the human brain learns psychologically afterwards. The animal brain is not like that, the animal brain is born as learned. The human brain is born to learn. We learn about sociality, humanity, love, conversation, conversation, friendship, in other words, all human values ​​later. It is not genetic, morality is not genetic, moral fact is not genetic. We learn this later. If you do not teach the child these things, the child will not know. The child needs to learn social boundaries, he needs to know himself and get to know others. The child needs to learn empathy. The biggest feature of autism is the lack of empathy, they cannot read the emotions of others. They can't even read their own emotions most of the time. Lack of empathy is the biggest problem of this century. It is currently the most poverty and poverty-stricken area in the world. This is spiritual poverty. Its main issue is the lack of empathy.” said.

Preschool education considered as a cure for autism

Noting that big city life is one of the obstacles to the socialization of children, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “In the past, the child had friends after he started walking. He had friends and neighbors in the neighborhood. He was learning about life in social contact with them. But now the apartment boy, the mother has no other option, she connects the child to social media or smartphone. This is hurting the child. For this reason, it is recommended that the child be given a kindergarten at the age of 3 for socialization. If the child does not see anyone other than his mother and father, he should be taken to social areas for 2-3 hours every day. Kindergarten and pre-school education is very important. If the preschool education is good, if the child is in the risk group for autism, autism may not start directly. Preschool education for 0-3 years is considered as a cure for autism all over the world.”

Stating that the game has a very important place in the development of the child, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “The most serious job of a child is play. The child expresses himself in the game and lives. The child has two greatest needs. One is to play and the other is to be loved. If these two exist, even if there is autism, the sleeper does not come to life. Even if it has a risk, it is not triggered in the risk group. This is the biggest cause of autism in the first place. Loneliness of people in communication, weakening of social and emotional stimuli. And the childhood accompaniment of people with autism due to the loneliness epidemic.” he said.

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