Call for Proposals for National Combat Aircraft Engine Published


President of the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir talked about the developments in the Turkish defense industry in A Haber broadcast. Making statements about the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project, Demir stated that the Call for Proposals File (TÇD) has been published for the engine of the MMU. In this context, Iron

“We have published a Call for Proposals Dossier (TÇD) for MMU's engine. We are waiting for an answer to this. TRMotor and TEI submitted their offers. TAEC (Kale + Rolls-Royce) will give today tomorrow. After reviewing these proposals, we will sit down at the table and draw up a roadmap. We look forward to the engines made in cooperation. Let's hope it happens. We are also trying to build our own capabilities.” used the phrases.

MMU's first F110 engines delivered

The first batch of F110 engines to be used in the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project was delivered last month. Making a statement at the 9th Air and Avionics Systems Seminar, SSB Aircraft Department Head Abdurrahman Şeref CAN stated that the F110 engines to be used in the MMU prototype, which is planned to start ground tests next year, were delivered to Turkey by the USA. As reported by Savunmatr, 3 F-6 engines supplied in the first 110 MMU prototypes will be used.

İsmail Demir: We are working on the use of alternative engines for the MMU

Answering TurDef's questions at the DIMDEX defense fair held in Qatar, President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made statements on alternative engine and domestic engine studies for the National Combat Aircraft.

Explaining that they are working on the use of an alternative engine for the F110 engines to be used in the first prototype of the MMU, İsmail Demir stated that the alternative engine will protect the project against negative surprises and that it can power 2 prototypes until the domestic engine arrives. As it is known for the prototype stage of the MMU, F16 turbofan engines, which are also used in F-110 warplanes, will be used.

Regarding the development of the domestic engine, İsmail Demir underlined that sufficient financing could not be provided for 2 different domestic engine projects and that all contractors (TRMotor, Rolls-Royce, Kale, Pratt & Whitney and TEI) should be gathered under a single project.

He mentioned that Rolls-Royce had hesitations about working with TRMotor before, but this is not the case at the moment and if this trend continues, TRMotor may work in partnership with Rolls-Royce.

Source: defenceturk