Nostalgic Tram at the Service of Bolu residents

Nostalgic Tram at the Service of Bolu residents
Nostalgic Tram at the Service of Bolu residents

The 'free tram' period has begun in Bolu. Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan made the first ride of the nostalgic tram, which started to serve on İzzet Baysal Street. About the tram, Özcan said, “It works entirely with electricity. We named it 14 Horses. It will serve our lot. I think it will be very useful especially for our elderly and disabled citizens.” said.

Bolu Municipality brought the “Nostalgic Tram” to Bolu today, which Mayor Tanju Özcan promised during the election period and shared with the public in recent months. The fully electric, nature-friendly tram, called “14 Ata”, was put into service on İzzet Baysal Street after its introduction by President Özcan.

“It will be very useful for our elderly and disabled citizens”

Speaking at the promotional program held in front of the municipality, Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan wished the tram to be beneficial for Bolu and said, “Today, we will put a new vehicle into operation. Nostalgic tram. It has a charge life of 16 hours. It is completely electrically powered. We named him Ata. It will serve our lot. We'll be taking our first tour soon. It will work on our street for two months without interruption. Then we will go through a major renovation on our street. It will continue to serve after the renovation. It was planned to go up to the Governor's Office at certain stops and periods on the street and return again. I think it will be very useful especially for our elderly and disabled citizens. Good luck to our lot.” said.

“An eco-friendly tram”

Underlining that the tram was purchased at a reasonable cost and that it works with electricity obtained from solar energy, Özcan said, “I can say that it was economically cost-free as we purchased it at the appropriate time. I learned from my friends that if we bought it today, we would have to pay 3 times the price. We can also use it in a larger area. It also has a ramp feature. It is also an environmentally friendly tram. It does not use energy from batteries during the day. It gets energy from the solar panels on it. The batteries that charge themselves during the day are activated in the evening. It was the third tram applied in this way (solar powered) in Turkey. Many municipalities are competing with each other to buy the trams. Now they give a day to a year later. We were able to get it because we acted early. It is also used in some cities abroad.” he spoke

First introduced, then made the first ride

President Özcan later made the first ride of the nostalgic tram called “14 Ata” himself. After his speech, Mayor Özcan took the wheel and used the tram from the front of the municipality to the City Square. Citizens, who were surprised and excited to see the tram for the first time on İzzet Baysal Street, also supported Mayor Özcan with applause.

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