Antalya Metropolitan Adds 2 Electric Bus to its Transportation Fleet

Antalya Buyuksehir Electric Bus Added to Its Transportation Fleet
Antalya Metropolitan Adds 2 Electric Bus to its Transportation Fleet

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect announced that they have added 25 electric motorcycles, 30 e-scooters and 2 electric buses to the municipal fleet. President Muhittin Insect, taking delivery of the representative keys of 2 electric buses, wished all of Antalya good luck.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect is implementing his projects in order to leave a livable world and a clean environment to future generations with the goal of "Environmentally and Nature Friendly Antalya". The Metropolitan Municipality added 25 electric motorcycles, 30 e-scooters and 2 electric buses to its vehicle fleet with the European Union supported Matchup Project. A representative turn-key ceremony of new electric vehicles was held in front of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality service building.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Speaking at the ceremony, President Muhittin Insect stated that they have taken another very important step for environmentally friendly transportation with electric buses and said, “We continue our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in transportation. We have added smart intersection applications, dissemination of the rail system network, electric passenger vehicles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and today electric buses to our vehicle fleet.”

Good luck to all Antalya

Saying, "We are an exemplary municipality that sets a zero carbon target for 2050," Mayor Muhittin Insect said, "We have become the first municipality and even the first official institution in Turkey to receive the Climate Friendly Establishment Certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute. We have implemented many investments against clean energy and thirst, such as Solar Power Plants, Biomass Power Plants, and closed circuit irrigation system, for a climate-friendly Antalya. We reduce air pollution by starting the use of zero-emission electric buses in public transportation. Good luck to all of our Antalya," he said.

Reduces Cost by One-Third

Providing information with electric buses, Mayor's Advisor Lokman Atasoy noted that with the electric motorcycles and buses that joined the municipal fleet, they reduced the annual carbon emissions of 200 tons and provided the clean air provided by 481 trees. Pointing out that the consumption cost of electric buses is one third less when compared to diesel buses, Atasoy said, “We aim to reduce this cost to zero by providing our electricity costs from our GES with storage, which we have installed on the roof of our building and Transportation AŞ. We are starting a new environmentalist transformation movement in transportation for a healthier, cleaner, climate change compatible Antalya.”

President Inspected Bus Bus

President Muhittin Insect then got on the electric buses and examined the vehicles. President Beetle, who got behind the wheel of the bus, wished him good luck. Company representative Muzaffer Arpacığılu gave the representative key of electric buses to Mayor Muhittin Insect and presented a model of the bus to Insect.

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