Akarca Beach Reclaimed Its Blue Flag

Akarca Beach Reclaims Its Blue Flag
Akarca Beach Reclaimed Its Blue Flag

Akarca beach, which lost its blue flag 4 years ago in Izmir, regained the flag after hard work, the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç Soyerreceived at a ceremony attended by Minister Tunç Soyer“We have to show that we are clean, safe and healthy at international standards,” he said. Today, disabled ramps have become available at 6 beaches at the same time. Transportation vehicles suitable for the use of disabled citizens were donated to 12 districts.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which established Turkey's first Blue Flag Coordination Unit, has brought a new blue flag to the city within the scope of its works. bayraklı continues to provide public beaches. The Metropolitan Municipality restored the Akarca beach in Seferihisar, which lost the blue flag award in 2018, to its former quality. After hard work, all water samples taken periodically by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Provincial Health Directorate were found to be suitable for Akarca beach, and the beach was given the blue flag award again by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV). So blue in Izmir bayraklı The number of beaches increased to 66.

“We want to hand over the sparkling sea to those who come after us”

Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyerexpressed his happiness for the restoration of the blue flag, which was lost 4 years ago. Stating that the most basic duty of a mayor is to protect the nature, history and culture of the city where he works. Tunç Soyer“Especially in a city that is 8 years old, this task emerges much more clearly. The beach here has been here for thousands of years and has always been sparkling. The ancient city of Teos, right under our noses, was perhaps one of the most important artist cities in history, and we continue to live together with all of them. They will be here after us. Our most fundamental duty will be to hand over the sea, like this sparkling aquarium, to the next generations in the same way. We continue to work with the excitement and awareness of this.”

"Blue bayraklı We have to increase the number of beaches”

Mentioning the criteria for obtaining the blue flag, President Soyer said: “Actually, it is a standard measure. In other words, it means confirming in international standards that all criteria for cleanliness, safety and health are fulfilled. That's why the blue flag is so important. It is preferred for tourism all over the world. If there is a blue flag on a beach, beach or marina, you can believe that all safety, health and hygiene criteria are met there. The whole world knows this. So blue bayraklı We have to increase the number of beaches. We have to show that we are clean, safe and healthy at international standards.”

Transportation vehicle suitable for disabled use to 12 districts

President Soyer also pointed out that Akarca Beach has gained the title of being an accessible, barrier-free beach for everyone with its disabled ramp, and said, “Akarca beach is one of our 6 accessible beaches, along with Selcuk Pamucak, Menderes Gümüldür, Çeşme Ilıca, Karaburun Ardıç, Dikili public beaches. We have made 6 beaches compatible for our disabled brothers and sisters. Disabled ramps on 6 beaches have become available today. We also donated barrier-free service vehicles to Güzelbahçe, Ödemiş, Beydağ, Selçuk, Bayındır, Torbalı, Menemen, Kemalpaşa, Kiraz, Menderes, Çeşme and Karaburun. We invested 8 million dollars in these vehicles. We want our disabled brothers and sisters to be able to enjoy this extraordinarily beautiful city with ease. Let them take advantage of the opportunities of this city. We will make good days together. We will build a much happier future together in this beautiful geography, in this paradise homeland.”

President thanked Soyer

Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult stated that thanks to the strict controls and measures on the Akarca beach, he was entitled to receive the blue flag again and said, “Turkey's most blue bayraklı We are a town with a beach. Blue bayraklı Protecting our beaches is not easy. This is our responsibility. I expect both my fellow citizens from Seferihisar and our guests to take care of our sea and nature.” Minister Tunç Soyerİsmail Adult, who thanked for the investments he made in Seferihisar, concluded his words as follows: “Our President Tunç Soyer He fought hard for the construction of the treatment center in Akarca. It saved Akarca from being a waste center. In this way, Akarca, both blue bayraklı it became a beach and started to host diving schools.”

“Izmir is the third in Turkey”

Turkey Environment and Education Foundation İzmir and North Aegean Provinces Coordinator Doğan Karataş, Turkey's 531 blue bayraklı Stating that it ranks third in the world after Spain and Greece with its beach, “Despite the negativities experienced due to the pandemic, beautiful İzmir has a total of 66 blue bayraklı With its beach, it is the third in Turkey after Antalya and Muğla. The blue flag contributes both to the healthy and safe use of the beaches by the people and to the development of sustainable environmental awareness. Akarca beach, which lost its blue flag unfortunately 4 years ago, won this right again as a result of a great effort and a great struggle.
Especially the measures taken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were effective here. Their number was increased with sample points. Recovering a lost flag is a very difficult and laborious issue. I would like to thank the mayor of the metropolitan municipality and the mayor of the district," he said.

After the speeches, Doğan Karataş handed over the blue flag to President Soyer. Mert Doğru, the head of the Children's Municipality, also gave the key to the donated barrier-free vehicles.

Who participated?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the award ceremony held at Akarca Beach. Tunç Soyer, CHP Deputy Chairman Gülizar Biçer Karaca, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce, Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, Karaburun Mayor Ilkay Girgin Erdoğan, Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı, Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar, Deputy Mayor of Menderes Erkan Özkan, Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult, council members, political party representatives and citizens attended.

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