What You Should Know About Dog Beds and Dog Clothes

dog beds
dog beds

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Our lovely friends usually like to sleep and share the same bed with us at night, but our dogs, who sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, prefer a bed of their own. Since our dogs feel more comfortable and safe when they have a bed of their own, they must have their own bed at home. It should not be forgotten that they also need to be alone like humans. In this article dog beds ve dog clothes We've summarized what you need to know about…

Before we buy a dog bed or make it at home, we need to consider some criteria. Since having a dog bed means that he will spend less time on the seats and floors, the hair and dirt that will accumulate here is reduced.

What Size Should the Dog Bed Be?

We should choose a bed according to the size of our dog. In order to understand the size of our dog, we can get an idea by measuring it from the tip of the nose to the tail. We should also do this measurement while sleeping and standing. We can buy one of the beds sold in 4 different sizes according to the size of our dog, or we can design a dog bed at home according to these dimensions. When choosing a bed, we need to consider that if our dog is still in the growth phase, it will grow more. If our dog is still a puppy and you have bought a large bed, you can support the empty spaces with blankets so that he feels safe.

How To Choose The Material Of The Dog Bed?

Dog beds are produced from materials that are protected against odor and allergic effects. Waterproof bedding is ideal for dogs with incontinence. Even if the previously purchased bed does not have such a feature, it can be turned into a waterproof dog bed by laying waterproof covers or fabrics in case of need. Likewise, if an anti-allergic material is not used in the material of the mattress, the problem can be resolved with a cover with this feature.

Another important criterion here is the size of our house, that is, our living space. Since we should not put our dog's bed in a very cramped place, we need to calculate the area it will occupy in the room correctly. For more detailed material information Juan Pet Market visit the website!

What Shape Should the Dog Bed Be?

There are many different types of dog beds available. Round and rectangular beds should be taken according to the sleeping pattern that our dog is used to. If our dog usually sleeps on his stomach, round dog beds will be ideal, but if our dog likes to sleep on his back, he can use rectangular beds more comfortably. If it is uncomfortable for our dog to curl up because of his age, rectangular beds can be used in these cases.

If our dog has long hair, Beds with cooling pads can be preferred for their comfort in summer. Likewise, if we live in a place with a very hot climate, we may prefer dog beds with cooling pads. If we have a dog with joint pain, orthopedic mattresses can help reduce their pain. If these beds are made of a memory material, they will take shape according to the way your dog sleeps over time, allowing them to sleep more comfortably. It is very important for puppies to feel safe when they sleep. That's why you can choose beds with stuffed sides and donuts for puppies.

Pillow: You may have noticed that when our dogs are in the sleeping position, they need to rest their heads somewhere or hug something. For these needs, you can put a cylindrical, soft pillow in the nest where they can rest or hug their heads. Since these products are easy to clean, they can be used for many years.

Are Cottage Style Beds Useful?

Dogs in houses with more gardens are more likely to sleep in the kennel. You can buy or make a kennel-style bed for our dogs who spend all their time at home during the winter months. Such beds are also called tent beds. If our dog likes to be in a warm and closed place while sleeping, they love these types of beds. In houses with a garden, you can also move the dog bed to the garden in summer.

How to Make a Dog Bed

If our dog is fond of his freedom, he may not use these beds much. In this case, we can create a special area for our dog by observing the places he likes to sleep for a few days. If there is a corner or mat that he likes to sleep in, you can put a softer and shapeable cushion in that area. Cushions can be more advantageous than dog beds in terms of portability and cleanliness. If our dog likes to sleep in an empty basket at home, you can put this cushion under that basket to ensure a more comfortable sleep.

Using a Pillow instead of a Cushion

You can also use a large pillow instead of a cushion. Large dogs may yawn while they sleep. The ideal pillow type for these situations are rectangular ones. If your dog has a tendency to gnaw at the house, you can choose the mattresses or pillows that you will use as a bed from thick fabrics.

How to Take Dog Size Measurements?

At the point where you decide to buy puppy clothes or adult dog clothes, the most important thing you should do when you determine your needs is to take the body measurements of your friend correctly. When taking body measurements, you need to pay attention to a few details. First of all, you should focus on their size, not their breed. For example, although the smallest size clothing is generally recommended for small breed dogs, there may be dimensional differences between dogs. Making a choice only in line with racial standards may cause the product to not provide comfort. For this reason, when taking measurements of your friend, you need to make sure that he is standing straight and that you have completed all the measurements.

How to Take Neck Measurement in Dogs?

You can take the neck measurement comfortably while your dog is standing straight. Neck measurement comes into prominence as an important variable when choosing collared dog clothes. After taking your dog's neck measurement, you should make sure that the neck measurement of the clothes or collar you prefer is 1-2 cm wider. In this way, you can ensure that your dog's neck is comfortable when wearing clothes.

What is Paw Size in Dogs?

If dog clothes such as dog walking boots, dog shoes or dog socks are to be preferred, the paw size should be taken as accurately as possible. Our friends need to be as comfortable as possible, as these products are products that prevent paw injuries, keep the paws clean, prevent the paws from getting wet by preventing them from getting sick, and at the same time protect the paws from excessively hot floors. When taking a dog paw measurement, when your dog is standing, place his paw on a piece of paper and apply gentle pressure to the paw to determine how wide his paw is as he walks. Then complete the measurement by marking the paw borders on the paper.

How to Take Chest Size in Dogs?

You should also take your dog's chest size carefully. Your dog should be standing and straight when taking a chest measurement. The measurement of the area from the area where the front feet start to the back will give you the chest measurement. You need to take this measurement from where the convex part is the most voluminous. You can add 1-2 cm to the size you get, and you can make your cute friend comfortable.

How to Take Back Measurements for Dogs?

Finally, you should also take your friend's back measurement. It will be enough to measure the part from the neck to the beginning of the tail. This measurement should be taken carefully for products such as raincoats and coats that need to fully cover the body. However, this is not the case for all dog clothes. For example, products such as t-shirts or sweaters do not have to strictly comply with the back size.

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