What is an Operating Room Nurse, What Does He Do, How To Become? Operating Room Nurse Salaries 2022


Operating Room Nurse; are the health personnel responsible for preparing the operating room before the surgical procedure, assisting the surgical specialist and his team, and performing other duties assigned to him.

What Does an Operating Room Nurse Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the Operating Room Nurse, who have the opportunity to work in various health institutions, are as follows;

  • Supervising pre-operative procedures for the patient,
  • To review the surgery and procedure types one day before the procedure day,
  • Explaining procedures to patients and their relatives,
  • To carry out all applications and transactions in accordance with ethical rules,
  • Ensuring that necessary precautions are taken for patient safety in the operating room,
  • Sterilizing and arranging surgical equipment before the procedure and making sure that all equipment to be used is ready in the operating room,
  • Helping other surgical team members to put on masks, gloves and sterile gowns,
  • To follow the patient's condition until he wakes up from anesthesia,
  • Filling the expense form showing which materials and drugs are used for the patient and forwarding it to the relevant unit,
  • Applying dressings and dressings to the patient at the request of the relevant specialist,
  • Cleaning, sterilizing and counting post-operative materials,
  • To ensure the maintenance and preservation of operating room equipment,
  • Notifying the related nurse or unit about the malfunctions detected in the equipment,
  • Assisting newly recruited nurses in their training and adaptation to the job

How to Become an Operating Room Nurse?

To become an Operating Room Nurse, it is necessary to graduate from a health vocational high school or a university nursing department.

People who want to be an Operating Room Nurse must have certain qualifications;

  • Having the ability to think analytically,
  • Demonstrate the ability to cope with stressful and emotional situations,
  • To show a tendency to cooperation and teamwork,
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills,
  • To have high attention and responsibility,
  • Keeping patient safety and satisfaction at the forefront

Operating Room Nurse Salary

The lowest Operating Room Nurse salary received in 2022 is 5.200 TL, the average Operating Room Nurse salary is 6.200 TL, and the highest Operating Room Nurse salary is 8.000 TL.