The Guest of Izmir Bay Tours Was This Time Roman Women

The Guest of Izmir Bay Tours Was This Time Romany Women
The Guest of Izmir Bay Tours Was This Time Roman Women

In line with the woman-oriented city vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, the guests of the Gulf tours, which were organized to help women get to know the city they live in and raise awareness about social life, were this time Roman women.

This time, Roma women participated in the Gulf tours organized by the Metropolitan Municipality in Izmir, which was declared a “women-friendly city” by the United Nations. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces services in line with the needs of Roma in cooperation with Roma non-governmental organizations and neighborhood headmen, and carries out many projects for young people and women, hosted Roma women on the Historical Bergama Ferry.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Gender Equality Commission Head lawyer Nilay Kökkılınç, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Women's Studies Branch Manager Sinem Tankoç, President of İzmir Roma Women's Association Esra Şenkaman, Ege Mahallesi Women Child Education and Social Assistance Association Vice President Ayşe Kaleli and members of the Roman civil society tour. Members of community organizations, headmen and Roma women from different districts of İzmir participated.

Kökkılınç: “One of the riches of İzmir”

Nilay Kökkılınç, Head of the Gender Equality Commission of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who spoke during the trip to the Bay of Izmir, stated that the Roma are one of the riches of Izmir and said, “As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we place great value on different cultures and traditions. We are always in cooperation with Roma non-governmental organizations for the preservation and survival of the Romani culture. The rhetoric of "Very Colors, So Many Voices, So Many Breaths" voiced by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer in the local elections expresses exactly this. I would like to thank the Roman women who participated in the trip and those who contributed.”

“We are in cooperation”

Esra Şenkaman, President of İzmir Roma Women's Association, thanked President Tunç Soyer for the value he gave to Roma women and said, “We are very pleased to be here. We are in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for Roma women; we are working on social responsibility projects that we will do together,” she said.

During the trip, Roman women's dance performances accompanied by musical instruments consisting of drums, violin and tambourine were highly appreciated.

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