Test Process Completed in Subaşı Underground Mechanical Parking Lot Project

Test Process Completed in Subasi Underground Mechanical Parking Lot Project
Test Process Completed in Subaşı Underground Mechanical Parking Lot Project

The test process has been completed in the Subasi Square and Underground Mechanical Parking Project, which will relieve the parking problem of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The mechanical system, which will provide ease of parking for drivers without touching their vehicles, will be put into service soon. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that with two projects integrated with each other, the parking problem was solved and the square regained its historical identity.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to eliminate the traffic and transportation problems of Samsun with its infrastructure investments, also solves the parking problems. The first underground multi-storey car park with a mechanical system built in Subaşı, one of the city's busiest squares in terms of traffic, will serve with energy-efficient software.

Within the scope of the Subaşı Square recreation project, the underground car park built on an area of ​​472 square meters, remote monitoring and control systems, manual and automatic parking fee payment system, height and weight control sensors in the entrance and exit rooms, laser field scanners, license plate recognition cameras, user information screens, voicemail communication system, parking aid camera, vehicle detection magnetic detectors and fire extinguishing systems for each vehicle.


The project, which was started to be built by being tendered in 2020, cost 28 Million TL. In the mechanical system that will end the traffic chaos around the square, vehicles can be parked and returned within 3 to 5 minutes. After the intense work marathon, the parking lot, whose testing process was completed, was also accepted.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who gave information about the latest situation regarding the Subasi Square and Underground Mechanical Parking Lot Project, noted that with two projects integrated with each other, they will both solve the parking problem and restore the square to its historical identity. President Demir said, “We aim to find a radical solution to the traffic problem in all districts of our city with the mechanical multi-storey car park projects we have implemented. The mechanical multi-storey car park constructions in Havza and Çarşamba are also at the completion stage. We have made the final acceptance of our mechanical car park with elevator, which will solve the parking problem in Subaşı Square. We used state-of-the-art domestic systems in the engineering, design and software phases. With this project, we will not only make an aesthetic contribution to Samsun in terms of urbanism, but also provide our citizens with a technological, practical, economical and reliable service regarding parking. We will open it before Teknofest," he said.

The square is turned into tourism with aesthetics suitable for its historical identity. kazanUnderlining that they will continue to work, President Mustafa Demir also touched on the recreation activities and said:


“We attach great importance to the Subaşı Square Project, where we are getting close to a happy ending. We are excited to bring history back to the surface there. We are reconstructing the Hamidiye Fountain with 2 basins, one of the symbols of our city, which was built with the personal money of Sultan Abdulhamid II, but only the photographs of which remain today, in accordance with its original form. In addition, we will keep the historical Sa'di Masjid alive in Subaşı. In other words, we both protect the historical values ​​of the square and solve the parking problem.”

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